Tea Seed Church [Hot Recommended] Rosewood Underwear Hand Wash 550mL-3 Bottles

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*Grapefruit seed extract natural antibacterial formula *Add special staining protein enzyme *Highly biodegradable *Using pure rosewood with ylang scent, leaving a fragrant exotic flavor.


Tea Seed Church [Hot Recommended] Rosewood Underwear Hand Wash 550mL-3 Bottles


[Hand wash series __ intact intimate care] Intimate personal clothes and baby clothes, you need to rub your hands and wash to be at ease. Add protein enzyme stain removal formula, deep into the fiber to take away the dirt; gently wash without damaging the clothing, hands or irritating the skin; containing grapefruit seed extract can achieve antibacterial effect, body protection starts from the clothing. https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7900/47304843032_788a889227_b.jpg [Select carefully selected ingredients] NEW Plant washing: tea saponin (theoside), alkyl polyglucoside (APG), alkyl amide betaine NEW Effective antibacterial: grapefruit seed extract NEW Special stain removal: Proteinase Natural essential oils: rosewood essential oil, ylang ylang essential oil 【Applicable clothing】 Infant and baby clothing, personal clothing, cotton, hemp, rayon, synthetic fibers [Laundry tips: teach you how to get stubborn] https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7895/32241721757_738a20b619_b.jpg https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7825/32241721737_fd97878129_b.jpg [Common laundry problems] Q1 What's the difference between Chazitang's laundry detergent products and personal laundry detergent? A: The addition of protein enzymes to the hand-washing detergent for personal clothing can effectively remove milk stains, urine stains, and blood stains. The ultra-fine molecules can penetrate into the clothing fiber to decompose stains. Both hand-washing and baby clothing are recommended to use hand-washing detergent to give the skin the cleanest feeling. Q2 is suitable for sensitive skin? A: The tea seed hall products are all designed with a gentle cleansing formula, and sensitive skin can also be used with confidence! However, the sensitivity of each hand to the sensitivity is not the same. It is recommended that you use a product that has never been used for the first time before doing a skin sensitivity test! Q3 What clothes are recommended to use hand washing? A: Personal clothes close to the skin, baby clothes, and soft materials (such as knitted, cotton and linen materials) are recommended to use Chazitang personal clothes hand-washing detergent, gentle washing does not hurt the clothes. Q4 Is the effect of multifunctional laundry products good? A: Many other brands of laundry products advertise multi-functionality. In fact, many chemical substances are added. These additional substances are not only harmful to humans but also cause environmental pollution. The Tea Seed Church laundry series products are carefully selected ingredients, restore clothes in the most natural way, and give the skin the most real protection. Q5 Will the clothes smell after washing? A: Some products have added many artificial flavors and chemical raw materials in order to achieve the effect of "the fragrance will be scented after washing the clothes." If used regularly, it may cause skin allergies or even harmful health. Therefore, Chazitang insists on the use of natural essential oils, and at the same time exudes a natural scent while washing. Our products will not let you wash your clothes all day long, but only bring you the most natural and elegant smell. 【Declaration of Peace】 Uses vegetable oils, plant extracts, and plant essential oils from the earth, free of ingredients such as sililing, mineral oil, nonylphenol, pigments, flavors, and parabens. 【Brand Story】 Originated from the warmth and purity of Taiwan’s local bitter tea oil cultural creativity, the tea seed house from Taiwan started with a dishwashing liquid made of bitter tea powder, with emphasis on naturalness, no burden and environmental friendliness. In the financial tsunami of 2008, the turnover of Tea Seed Church dropped by 30% within a year, but this setback provided a turning point never imagined: from the raw bitter tea seed of cleaning lotion to the culture of bitter tea oil, tea seed Tang decided to return to the land, which was the beginning of "The Road to Bitter Tea Oil Revival". Since 2009, the Tea Seed Church, which has been away for more than 10 years, has re-started from the land, hoping to revive the cultural connotation of bitter tea oil and return to cherish the land. By rebuilding the brand image, promoting contract farms, and bitter tea oil culture records, Tea Seed Church is committed to sustainable development in the local area, and ultimately hopes that through the new planting of bitter tea trees and the recultivation plan of bitter tea tree gardens, bitter tea trees can be forever Survive on this warm land in Taiwan. Product Name │ Rosewood Underwear Hand Wash Contains │ Tea saponin (bitterin), alkyl polyglucoside (APG), alkyl amide betaine, grapefruit seed extract, proteinase, rosewood essential oil, ylang ylang essential oil How to use │ When washing by hand, soak the clothes to be washed for about 10-20 minutes, let the washing ingredients penetrate into the fibers of the clothes, then gently rub the dirt with both hands, and finally rinse with clean water. Use amount about 3-5 presses (about 10ml) Scope of application│ Cotton, linen, rayon, synthetic fiber and other personal clothing can be used Precautions │ Contains rosewood essential oil, the fragrance intensity will vary slightly with storage time; do not wash clothes with poor dry cleaning or dyeing fastness; please put it in a place where children can not get it, if you accidentally swallow it, you should drink it immediately Seek a lot of water and consult a doctor; if you accidentally touch your eyes, please rinse with plenty of water; if your skin has a wound, please wear gloves before use to protect the skin Storage method │ Please keep in a cool place indoors to avoid sunlight and humid environment, use within six months after opening Shelf life │ three years Capacity│ 550 mL Product size│ Length, width and height 8 x 8 x 19 (cm) Origin │ Taiwan Manufacturer│ Jeshun Enterprise Co., Ltd. Full ingredients: Pure water, sodium laureth sulfate, alkyl amide betaine, sodium chloride, laureth-9, alkyl polyglucoside, liquid proteinase, tea saponin (bitterin), fatty acid Amine, chlorhexidine gluconate, benzisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone, citric acid, grapefruit seed extract, essential oils (rosewood, ylang-ylang) INGREDIENTS: AQUA (WATER), SODIUM LAURETH SULFATE, COCAMIDOPROPYL BETAINE, SODIUM CHLORIDE, LAURETH-9, ALKYL POLYGLUCOSIDES, LIQUID PROTEOLYTIC ENZYMES, SAPONINS, FATTY ACID AMIDE, CHLORHEXIDINE, BENZISOTHIAZOLINONE, METHYLISOTH, OILS (ANIBA ROSAEODORA (ROSEWOOD) WOOD OIL, CANANGA ODORATA FLOWER OIL) MADE IN TAIWAN


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