Delicia Collection | Pink Gold Tumblers (4pcs)

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Delicia Collection | Pink Gold Tumblers (4pcs)


Delicia Collection | Pink Gold Tumblers (4pcs)


Instructions for use • Make sure that the lid set seals properly to prevent external leakage or burns. • If the seal on the lid is worn or leaking, stop using it immediately. • It is not advisable to store beverages in a thermos cup for a long time. Drink as soon as possible. • Do not fill non-potable liquids, liquid fuels, or other flammable, corrosive, or chemical substances. • Avoid exposing the insulation cup to intensely hot or cold conditions. • Do not leave infants and children in contact with children or play with children. There may be a risk of burns or injuries. • When holding a hot drink in a mug, be careful to drink it to avoid burns. Due to the double vacuum insulation effect of the mug, the outside of the mug will not become hot after putting hot drinks. • Do not overload the beverage when filling it. Please leave enough space in the flask. Excessively high water levels can cause difficulty in switching; there is also the danger of hot water overflowing when the lid is closed. • When opening the cover, do not be tilted or near your face. Hot drinks or hot air may come out and cause burns. • When driving, it is not advisable to drink hot drinks in the insulated mug. It is feared that there will be a sudden driving situation and burns. • Do not use a microwave oven, steam oven, or oven for heating. • Do not place near heat sources such as radiators, electric heaters, or gas stoves to avoid deformation or discoloration of the cup body. Precautions • Clean it regularly and thoroughly clean it after each use. Please wipe or dry the insulation cup after washing to avoid leaving water and causing rust. • Before cleaning, please separate the cup, cap and silicone cover. Use a diluted kitchen with neutral detergent. After rinsing, wipe enough moisture and allow to dry. • Inside the cup, use a soft sponge brush with a kitchen detergent diluted in lukewarm water to clean it with a neutral detergent. After washing, thoroughly wipe the water and stand to dry. Clean up to prevent odor, often keep clean. • Do not use chlorine-containing bleaches, thinners, volatile oils, metal chamois cloth, or abrasive cloths and detergents. • Do not put in a dishwasher, a dish dryer, or boiled water for cleaning and disinfection. • Do not leave in water for a long time or soak and wash. Product specifications made in China Warranty: one year Material: Insulation Cup Body: 18/8 (304) Stainless Steel Cup lid: TritanTM copolyester, heat resistant to -20 degrees Celsius to 100 degrees Celsius Protective cover: silicone Capacity: 8oz / 240ml Size:(L)85mm X (W)85mm X (H)100mm Weight: 150g Content: 4 mugs


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