Natural Energy Eucalyptus Raw Honey (500g)

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It is a multi-flowered species with the unique eucalyptus honey of Russia and the honey of the Bashkortostan region. The taste is changeable and the color is pale and golden amber. The high content of glucose in the honey source is very easy to crystallize



Natural Energy Eucalyptus Raw Honey (500g)


**[Introduction to product features]** Multi-flowered, with the unique eucalyptus honey of Russia and the honey of the Bashkortostan region. The palate is changeable and the color is a pale golden amber. Due to the high glucose content in the honey source, this honey is very easy to crystallize as time and ambient temperature change. Before crystallization, the taste is smooth and gentle like honey; After the appearance of crystals, the taste is also changed in layers. The smell of rustling in the dense, like eating a spoonful of honey smoothie in the mouth, While waiting for the crystal to melt, you can carefully taste the scent of eucalyptus and flowers to spread out in the throat. Every year from May to September, The professional beekeeper of Berestov AS takes a bee colony to the restricted mountains of Bashkortostan in northern Russia. Put the hive in the forest and wait patiently for the worker bees to take honey back and forth, and then carefully transport and pick up the natural honey ripening process. In order to preserve the precious and precious nutrients of honey, from the mixing to the canning, the cold process of special technology is adopted throughout the process. The temperature is controlled below 20 degrees to maintain the activity, vitamins and sweet smell of honey. In order to protect the bee colony, adhere to the annual harvest, precious honey source is irreplaceable. **[What is eucalyptus?]** Large trees from the Russian Bashkortostan and Bashkir mountains, leaves like Bodhi, the flowers are composed of five small white flowers, only growing in cold countries like Russia. **[Why is Russian honey so expensive?]** Originally imported, a small number of batches, not sold separately, only the freshest honey. Russian honey is recognized as the best honey in the world. Under the guarantee and persistence of Berestov AS, The whole process is naturally mature at low temperature, no artificial addition, no sucrose content, and the water content is guaranteed to be below 20%. Amazingly, besides rare sources of honey, even bee species that collect nectar are different from the average. It is limited in annual harvest by the unique "black bee" of Russia. The black bee is one of the world's four famous bees, which evolved into a black-grey striped bee through harsh environments. Large size, good constitution, cold tolerance, strong ability to collect honey, and better resistance to bees than other breeds. There is no need to use antibiotics to immunize, which fundamentally solves the problem of common drug residues in bee products. The black bee's honey sac contains not only multiple and unique enzymes, but also high active ingredients, which cannot be replaced by other bee species. **【Specifications】** ▍ Commodity name: natural energy eucalyptus honey ▍ Commodity origin: Russia Bashkortostan region ▍Commodity Features: High glucose content in honey source, this honey is very easy to crystallize. After the appearance of crystals, the taste is more scented with rustling ▍Commodity ingredients: 60% natural eucalyptus honey, 40% natural nectar ▍ cooking method: in a cool, dry, ventilated environment, no need to refrigerate


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