♪ customized display area ◢ cat (display area do not subscript)

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♪ customized display area ◢ cat (display area do not subscript)


**Prerequisites** Sheep felt pet custom, belonging to the sculpture / model of the prototype production, with the ability to copy the mold, can not mass production of the nature. Each piece is a unique original. **Valuation criteria** Will be based on the production size and the individual body and hair characteristics to give initial evaluation. If you want to make accessories, or have other special requirements, please first discuss with me whether to make, and depending on the situation increase. In addition to the difficult posture (such as may affect the balance of the posture), in principle, cats and dogs posture does not affect the final price. The remaining types of pets are discussed separately. Part of the expression may also affect the valuation (such as mouth or not, etc.). **Please provide photo** There are many different animal species, and even the same species of animals, there are different differences between individuals, may affect the production difficulty and production time, so the inquiry please "must be attached to the custom pet photos"! Please prepare your favorite photo of the photo "at least two (1 head close-up +1 photos)" for valuation. Please contact me with the "Contact Designer" function for photos of the same period (almost any age, close to the hair) and "try not to shake" **Precautions** Make sure you have a more angle after making your order to make use. If you can not provide enough photos for any reason, please be able to provide photos of the situation is better, and I discuss whether it can be made; photos are insufficient but still want to make, or want to modify the pet body (such as only shaved photos, but Want to make long hair looks like, etc.), can be written or network picture make up, and please give me some creative play space :) As the pet custom production process is long, so the date of delivery as the case of another agreement. Thank you! Origin / manufacturing method Origin of Taiwan handmade