TIGT - Titanium 鎏 Gold Fork <Blue Gold Gradient Version One Pack>

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TIGT titanium iridium gold fork is a pure titanium fork body, which has a very strong surface treatment for the three-dimensional effect of the concave and convex, and after multiple manual grinding treatments, finally fixes the color through high-voltage



TIGT - Titanium 鎏 Gold Fork &lt;Blue Gold Gradient Version One Pack&gt;


TIGT - Titanium 鎏 Gold Fork <Blue Gold Gradient Version One Pack> Shipping period: 2019 / 11 / 11 before https://youtu.be/6Oh4OFnanaU https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48753932777_66bac3001b_b.jpg Before I introduce the titanium-bismuth fork, I will answer a lot of questions about the color of titanium. The most people asked are: **The surface color of the titanium tableware is so bright and looks very poisonous. Will it harm the human body?** https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48753418383_e60b3d4bc6_b.jpg Attached to the inspection report of TÜV Rheinland (Taiwan FDA inspection standard passed) https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48535275306_78d455e08a_b.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48535426157_2633d2a766_b.jpg The surface color of titanium metal is different from the color basis of the general public, and it is generally colored. Where: vacuum evaporation, vacuum sputtering, lacquering, coating, anodic coloring, etc., listed above, You need to use toner, paint, pigment or target to complete the coloring process. It is not a naturally occurring color, with or without toxicity. The most direct test is: Is the raw material that makes up the color edible? If you categorize this, it will basically be considered "toxic." But titanium metal? If you really use the "color technology", you don't have to worry about it. This technical principle means: using different voltages to cauterize the surface of titanium objects, It will form an "oxide layer", and the formation of an oxide layer will be thick and thin. The thickness will affect the "refractive index of light", and the refractive index will be different. The naked eye will see "different colors". In fact, the oxide layer is colorless, and the color is reflected by the thickness of the light source. It is received by the human eye to form a color. You can know if it is a hair color technology through a simple test. Once the ambient light source changes, the color of the soup fork will change slightly. For example, blue is purple, pink is green, etc. This is not the color effect that the coating can make. The oxide layer is also a product of titanium. Even if the oxide layer is eaten into the human body, the human body will not absorb titanium metal. It will be excreted with the excretory system, so this bright and vivid color is completely non-toxic. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48753932862_8d1b6c7015_b.jpg TUV Germany Lein uses US FDA inspection standards to test hair color and product composition analysis https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48535426117_d9a7fbdd67_b.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48535426032_e1e927e005_b.jpg The origin of titanium metal coloring technology stems from**"Processing of medical device implants"** It is also one of the technologies that the medical community relies heavily on. For a long time, surgical surgery has been clinically used in small-scale implants. There are often cases where the specifications are not clearly defined. Once the specifications are mistaken, the injuries are serious and the fatal is heavy. It is not allowed to produce the wrong opportunity. Generally on the manufacturing process of the implant, All will make**"color recognition"**on the body of the device, and this layer of color needs to be implanted or locked into the human body along with the implant, used to replace the missing part of the bone, the use time It is possible for a few decades to a lifetime. With such medical equipment manufacturing standards, we use titanium bowls made of the same standard, which is enough to make you feel comfortable for life. Explain the color of the titanium surface, and then enter the focus: titanium iridium fork. In the previous design of titanium soup fork, the first emphasis was on the delicate performance of the Lei eagle. I hope to present complex and delicate Ray-grain lines to present an excellent exterior texture. Although it has been demanding in every aspect, it has done its utmost to present the perfect product. We have also presented the ultimate product in the external body of the 鎏金叉. Make a three-dimensional texture directly on the surface, so that the touch of the hand is improved, and the weight has not increased too much. Still keeps light and does not burden the hands The process is the same as our consistently delicate and pure method of construction. Through the FDA-approved standard titanium metal, the stamping process is first performed. After molding, multiple hand-grinding, followed by washing procedures, the core is "patent hair color technology" Presenting a colorful look, and finally using laser engraving to complete our products, The whole product "has no external additives", and does not use industrial techniques such as sand blasting. Also free of pigments, plating, etc., 100% pure titanium tableware presented to you. In terms of hair color technology, the performance on pure titanium is inherently inferior to the color of titanium alloy. The stamping method is used to destroy the crystal image of the titanium metal, and in the formation condition of the oxide layer, Is very unfavorable, titanium iridium fork, with pure titanium, If you see some uneven color patches or subtle white spots on the product, it is normal. (After all, it is not a paint or coating technique. In pursuit of natural health, the appearance may require some concessions.) **Titanium iridium gold fork - product specifications** https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48753743471_84717ef145_b.jpg Material used: Grade 1 Titanium Fork: length 176mm x fork width 38mm x fork length 62mm **Features of titanium:** 1. High specific strength (tensile strength/density) The tensile strength of titanium alloy is comparable to that of general high-strength structural steel, but the density of titanium, It is only about 60% of steel and therefore higher than the strength of higher strength structural steel. Titanium alloy is the highest specific strength of all metals. 2, good corrosion resistance Titanium forms hundreds of layers on the surface at normal temperature and has high stability. An adhesive film with strong adhesion and can be regenerated immediately after damage, so titanium has Excellent corrosion resistance. Titanium in humid environment, sea water, chlorine-containing solution, bismuth hypochlorite, nitric acid, Excellent chromic acid and general oxidizing acid environment have excellent corrosion resistance. 3, good heat resistance Titanium has a melting point of 1,668 ° C, which is about 1,000 ° C higher than aluminum and magnesium. Therefore, the heat resistance of titanium alloy is much higher than that of aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy. Generally, the use temperature of magnesium alloy and aluminum alloy is about 200 ° C. But the maximum temperature of titanium alloy can reach 600 °C. Many modern supersonic speeds. Aircraft engines, skins, rudders and wings are made of titanium. 4, good low temperature performance Certain titanium alloys retain sufficient toughness and ductility at low temperatures (-255 ° C). And at low temperature, the thermal conductivity is low, the expansion coefficient is small, and it is non-magnetic, so it becomes aerospace, The preferred material for cryogenic use such as superconducting. 5, high biocompatibility Titanium has good biocompatibility and does not precipitate ions after implantation in human body. Non-toxic and resistant to corrosion from body secretions, and the coefficient of elasticity is close to human bones. Can avoid the body's stress shielding effect leading to osteoporosis, Good matching with human bones, can be used as artificial hip joint, knee joint, skull bone, Bone fixator, root material, orthodontic line. 6, colorful oxide film After anodizing, titanium will be formed on the titanium surface according to the level of the electrolysis voltage. Oxide films of different thicknesses, oxide films of different thicknesses are refracted by light, There will be different color changes. 7, no magnetic It can be used for implants such as cardiac catheters, stents and valves. Since titanium is not ferromagnetic, Patients with titanium implants can safely undergo MRI examinations. (This is very convenient for people with long-term implants) **special attention items** Titanium surface hardness is not as good as steel or iron products, do not use steel brush or melon cloth, etc. Rough cleaning device to scrub, once the surface oxide layer is brushed off after brushing, Titanium re-forms the surface oxide layer and the beautiful color of the surface will disappear. The physical color of the surface, non-coated or coated, the color will be due to factors such as light intensity. There are some changes, and the color on the computer screen is somewhat different from the actual color. Please also understand and forgive me. The surface physical oxide layer will change with time and usage. Once the oxide layer disappears, the titanium will regenerate the surface oxide layer, the color of the surface and Gloss will change, lightening or fading is a natural phenomenon.


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