Deaf people love to become their own sun embroidery patch

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"Become to shine your own sun." Give yourself more confidence and courage at low tide!


Deaf people love to become their own sun embroidery patch


Product description and story ► "Become to shine your own sun." \ A person can also be very good Because I am my own sun If I can shine on myself I will still be afraid Afraid of a person’s loneliness \\ Often not brave, often feel that there is no power Often afraid, often distrustful Until later, I discovered Can make you feel good only myself Deaf people love MOO Than Love More than love, it is my spirit. Size ► ☞8 X 6 cm Material ► ☞White non-woven fabric, electric embroidery, adhesive Same series of products ► Becoming your own sun (embroidery patch): Become the sun shining on your own (T-shirt): Single love (embroidery patch/pin): Love (embroidery patch/pin): Teaching a cloth sticker into a pin ► ☞The materials prepared are 1. Cloth 2. Pin (I am prepared to hold the needle so that she will not be safe when it is used) 3. Scissors 4. Interlining (I am not weaving) 剪 Cut off the same size lining ☞Check if the size is not exceeded, and prepare the pin 放置 Place the pin in the appropriate position (recommended to be placed in the upper part, not to hang down when not in use) ☞Do not cut a small slit under the ends of the pin 塞Put the pins in ☞heat the iron and adjust to the temperature suitable for the fabric Be careful when using the iron, just after ironing Don't immediately tell him if there is success Because the glue has not dried up yet! Another thing to note is that the four corners should be fixed. I won’t stand up ☞Complete 啰 You can put it in any position! Designer and brand introduction ► Deaf people love, currently studying at the National Taipei University of Education, the Department of Cultural and Creative Industry Management, reflecting on the possibility of commodities from their own learning process, hoping that the other party can feel full of heart. I like animals, so the shadows of animals are often seen in works. My love originated from the birthday gift of my classmates in my country. At that time, I hand-painted a pair of shoes. On the packaging, I wrote the three words of deaf people. When I didn’t think much, I was sorting myself up in my third year. The works of the works were found in the collection, and I found three words in the love of the monks at the time, which reminded me of some memories. It was not long before I started school. I created a fan page that I loved, shared some of my hand-painted, shared some of me. The little hand-made, for me, the love is the platform that I want to be seen by everyone. Then why do you want to call it love? "Love is love" is the author's nickname "哞", the Taiwanese homonym is " No one loves, for a feeling of wanting to love and not to love, I hope to be loved by the public. Listen to one song, I want to give you a song. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan, the master made the heart


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