Man Yu thinks about suede low heel shoes - annual rings

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增2.5 cm to increase the outsole, the whole piece of steady bottom ✔ foot arch support foot insole, 100% coverage of the foot ✔Invisible wear-resistant heel inner pad, soothing heel friction


Man Yu thinks about suede low heel shoes - annual rings


Size / 35-39 🚩曼玉 thinks about suede low heel shoes, a total of 3 colors 🚩 -------------------------------------------------- -------- 📍 Resume Bubble Nara Popona Handmade Shoes Origin / Taiwan Color / Time, Van Gogh, Ring Skin/imported cloth Inner/head layer of porpoise Insole/top layer of porpoise Outsole/spike rubber slippery bottom Thickness / 2.5 cm -------------------------------------------------- --- 🔆 we do what we do This season, our family uniquely grasps the improved round tip For the easy width of the card foot, it is improved into a squat type Keep the pointed shoes elegant and elegant Let the wide-legged girl realize the dream of wearing pointed shoes With a very Japanese suede fabric, the warm texture of the velvet cloth is more interesting than the monotonous skin color. Inside the high base, hidden in the inner layer of the shoe, super heart machine! Helping to add 2.5 cm of high-rise fresh air **Three design small points** **1. The heel invisible wear-resistant foot fat pad, the heel stick is directly sewed, and the drum is covered with super comfortable!** **2. There is an anti-wear mesh layer inside the toe. Someone actually grinds the instep! That is to pick this kind of shoes.** **3. Special straight line velvet cloth, special texture and bright luster** Although it is a pair of simple shoes, the whole pair of shoes is full of carefully designed small details. Pointed shoes have always been unbeaten mainstream items It’s not popular now to be able to kill witch shoes. The design concept is aimed at girls who have long-term needs. Everyday commute feet really need comfortable shoes to protect No problem wearing it, comfortable first. Need size suggestions, please provide: 1. Foot length 2. Foot width 3. Foot type 4. Normally worn regular shoes size (Sports shoes and canvas shoes are too large. Please do not provide such shoes size) 💡 Cleaning and maintenance advice 1. Use a dry cloth or shoe brush to wipe the dust 2. Do not use shoe polish or chemical solvent to contact the upper. 📦Return instructions Goods return and exchange must maintain the state of the new product, shoes have creases, outsole wear, etc. have been used, no return is provided. The shoe box and accessories should be packed completely, and BN will inform the home delivery bag. **Exchange /** One-time free replacement size service during the appreciation period. However, after the replacement, the buyer will be required to return the goods. The buyer will be responsible for the 160 yuan postage for the exchange. **Return /** Return requests can be made during the 7-day appreciation period from the date of receipt of the goods. **If the overseas order needs to be returned, the buyer will be responsible for the freight.** 🚦International inspection standards identify non-defective conditions🚦 Non-human factor creases such as growth lines, skin lines, and wrinkles on animal skin. Handmade shoes have a slight asymmetric embossing on the left and right feet. The left and right foot lines of the leather are inconsistent, and each batch of leather has a difference of 5% or less. The thread can be cut off or the wiring is reversed, and the leather surface is less than 0.2cm. Slightly spilled, the leather is soaked or the sweat is heavy and the color is broken.


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