MicForest Micro Forest - Double Crystal Speaker - Plywood/Beech/Hickory/Cherry

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Music is a very special existence in human culture. It is not only a form of expression, but also has a strong emotional



MicForest Micro Forest - Double Crystal Speaker - Plywood/Beech/Hickory/Cherry


【design concept】 Music is a very special existence in human culture. It is not only a form of expression, but also has a powerful emotional appeal. We enjoy a pleasant voice in our own space and we are healed. The forest double-hole speaker specially designed for mobile phones is specially designed with a unique horn principle to improve the sound quality. It has an exclusive design method such as the distance required for compressing the sound wave conduction, and the crystal design is adopted for the exterior design. The shape of the two holes in the position of the outside, so that the speaker presents a more unique sound quality of the wood, especially in the bass performance, completely rendered the characteristics of the original wood. Even more, the sound field has a simple and neat line feeling surrounded by crystals, fully demonstrating fashion and modernity. 【product features】 100% log cutting - Log speakers designed for smart phones - No need for batteries, no need for plugging, no Bluetooth settings, no electronic parts - Crystal double hole is a three generation model that fixes the aperture, path and angle of the generation, mainly for indoor use - Reserve the location of the charging cord to use on your mobile phone to use it while charging - Handle external surface details by using non-scaling method - The surface is only coated with natural, nontoxic, imported beeswax cream - Raw wood, non-tile bark or plastic imitation wood grain - Needs maintenance, regular maintenance according to the gloss of wood - Wooden products coated with beeswax have water repellent effect, but they are not waterproof. Please do not directly place under the faucet to wash or soak in water. - Each grain is different and shipped randomly, without specifying 【Product Size】 220 x 120 x 90mm/±1mm 【Precautions】 ★ Water and moisture are the fatal injuries to logs. Therefore, 100% of the world's wood is not afraid of water. It is guaranteed that it will not be moldy at all. ◆ Do not use any irritating or abrasive cleaning products to avoid harming the surface of logs. ◆ After use, use a clean, damp cloth, wring out and wipe, and place in a ventilated place to prevent moisture regain. ◆ The surface coating of raw wood products uses natural non-toxic beeswax cream, which also preserves the pores and the most natural texture. ◆ Since the original woodland is soft, do not slam the action such as quail meat. It is only suitable for use such as cutting vegetables and cutting raw fish fillets. ◆ Do not put it in direct sunlight, fire source, or high humidity temperature. When using a cleaning cloth, be sure to wring out excess water. ◆ Avoid eating heavy-tasting ingredients for a long time and prohibiting raw meat and fresh foods to prevent blood water from absorbing through the wood pores, resulting in odor for a long time. ◆ There are fine lines and micro-cracks on the surface of the logs that are naturally formed and cannot be considered as defective products. https://farm1.staticflickr.com/956/39876680240_c63077f2ec_b.jpg (eg tree sections, cracks, gum streaks, insect eyes, mineral streaks...) ◆ Please wait for one to two hours in the ventilated place to observe whether the maintenance products of the protection wood have been absorbed, and then decide whether to clean it with a clean cotton cloth. ◆ Please use a clean and soft cotton cloth to wipe the surface of the wood product, and then wipe it with appropriate wood care products (such as beeswax) along the wood grain. Remark 1: The merchandise does not contain ornaments, only as a shooting effect. Remark 2: There is one unit for selling goods. Remark 3: Responsive to environmental protection policies, products are simply packaged. Micro forest commonly used species https://farm1.staticflickr.com/956/41683571341_51bd52f427_b.jpg (☆★Welcome cannot be selected, random shipments, product colors will vary depending on the color of the personal computer screen. Please prevail in kind.) ★) [Origin/manufacturing method] Design and made in Taiwan--Taiwan Design and Manufacturing


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