Romantic Multilevel Chiffon Dress-Burgundy Wine Red

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2020ss- Flow gurgling more wear method X mini dress dress The self-made frameless version is a dress that can be worn from girls to pregnancy. Ten years / twenty years / thirty years / with the waves depicting the youthful years. The designer chose the rare Burgundy wine red, which is comfortable and calm, with a little feminine quality, and does not show pu


Romantic Multilevel Chiffon Dress-Burgundy Wine Red


From the moment I touched the fabric, my heart was fitted with a prototype, I always wanted to bring out a lazy and casual charm with soft and delicate chiffon yarn, Make a dress you can wear from girls to pregnancy ten years Twenty years Thirty years With the waves, the youthful years are portrayed. Only the sense of design is not popular, It has always been this stubborn belief just to achieve romantic fantasy. This season gave birth to our most exhausting child Four times the amount of cloth X Four-layer construction method X N times full of heart **The back strapping method will create different lines according to the body shape. Because the fabric is smooth ~, there is no way to firmly fix the back of the back when the upper body is actively moving! If you want to have beautiful lines, adjust it at any time ~ is normal :))** —————————————————————————— ▪ Comfortable daily LOOK1-Wearable during pregnancy, open back can be worn with a vest inside. Elegant and drape, the strap is placed on the back and the bow is very cute :)) ▪ Leisure time LOOK2-The straps are knotted casually, lazy and comfortable with a sense of romantic design. ▪ Waist LOOK3-suitable for a dinner party or a slightly formal occasion, the straps are tied back to front to make the waist more visible. The strap passes through the shoulder and crosses to the front to knot. ▪ The physical color of the fabric is close to the following picture (with a similar color swatch) ▼▼, the product photo will be slightly darker due to the lighting and natural light when shooting.**Behind the strap method will create different lines according to the body shape, because the fabric is smooth ~ so there is no way to firmly fix the back of the back when the upper body is actively moving! If you want to have beautiful cross lines, you can adjust it at any time ~ it is normal :))** —————————————————————————— **/ Product description /** Color / Burgundy Red Material / polyester fiber Cloth / light and soft Cut / Round neckline design V-shaped micro backless design Multi-layer umbrella shape size/ Flat volume Free size Collar width 26 cm Bust 45 cm Cuff 23 cm Length 125 cm Model / Try on F Height 165 cm, weight 45 kg High waist 62cm Low waist 72cm Hips 86cm, length 95.5cm Each product is a measurement of the size of the actual manual product (full circle = size x2) The actual size error of the goods after washing is within the normal range of ± 3cm * Each computer screen display will inevitably have color difference **/ Use and maintenance methods /** Dressed in a two-piece design, with different charms on different occasions The rear is designed with a V-shaped backless design, it is recommended to wear invisible underwear or a small flat vest **/ laundry guide/** __There is a fixed side of the hem of the dress. It is strongly recommended to wash it by hand to prevent it from loosening!__ Wash by hand, and wash the reverse side separately. Please wash the dark and light-colored clothes separately to avoid dyeing each other. ⦻ Don't soak for a long time ⦻ Do not expose ⦻ Do not bleach **/ Packing/** Responsive to environmental protection. This product is shipped with reusable PE fog film clip chain bags and kraft paper bags. The outermost layer of small products is mainly damaged bags. If you have special needs, you can discuss with private designers! Same product ▼▼ click here ▼▼ Romantic multi-level chiffon dress-Dai Zi 👉 All rights reserved ————————————————————————————— LAI.SH products are made by old tailors and designers independently, Everything is produced locally in Taiwan. This is the greatest intention of being a small independent designer. I am very happy with your arrival and support, and hope that "LAI.SH" has the honor to be your clothes and participate in your beautiful daily life! Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan & Design from heart ⚠️ Things to read when ordering ⚠️ **Precautions:** ◾️Each product is due to the elasticity of the fabric, washing treatment and other factors. When measuring manually, the error is normal within 2-3 cm. ◾️The color of the product will be different due to the screen of the computer or mobile phone. The product is subject to the actual product. If the buyer has any questions about the color or fabric of the product, it is recommended to ask before placing an order to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding :) . ◾️Commodities are sold in limited stock. Please complete the remittance within 3 days after placing the order. If the payment is overdue, the system will automatically cancel the order. Please forgive me :). ◾️The product will be shipped to you within 3 days after the remittance confirmation (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays), please wait patiently, thank you :). ◾️LAI.SH products are made by old tailors and designers independently. In order to provide good quality, we do not accept subjective and unfavorable return applications. Any ideas are welcome to chat with designers before placing orders. ◾️If you are dissatisfied with the spot goods and the size is not suitable (except for custom-made), please contact us within 3 days to process the return. ◾️ Appreciation period ≠ trial period, if there are traces of use, damaged faults, stains, odors, incomplete accessories, we will not accept returns :). ◾️ Regarding the return of goods, please help to send it back by post within 3 days. Please help us keep the brand new, including hang tags and gifts. We will agree to the refund application after receiving the returned goods for inspection :).


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