Super gorgeous Acrylic transparent Western wedding invitation design PP original invitation咭

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PP WEDDING original wedding invitation style, Acrylic transparent wedding invitation design!


Super gorgeous Acrylic transparent Western wedding invitation design PP original invitation咭


**Want to give friends and relatives a different invitation? Take a look at the unique design of our PP WEDDING wedding invitation!** **Hong Kong has a thousand wedding invitations store, confidence guarantee!** There are a total of seven different wedding invitation packages! The design retains the traditional features, but also blends with Western-style elements. The wedding invitations are printed by Hong Kong designers and local, and the quality is absolutely guaranteed! The work has been reported by major wedding media: Cosmopolitan Bride/Harper's BAZAAR BRIDE /Elle Bride/Bride and Breakfast HK/Newlywed Life/Flower Marriage/New Marriage News, etc. **A unique transparent invitation!** Acrylic carved the depth with Laser laser cutting method, and then Master sprayed each Acrylic with gold oil, and then slowly torn the protective paper, each time lasting 45 minutes. The advantage of engraving first is to create a three-dimensional effect, so that the gold oil penetrates into the concave position, so that the pattern is not damaged by the scratch. And in addition to the general rectangular acrylic, you can print irregular graphics, such as circles or polygons, etc. (such as the irregular pattern will have additional costs) . The material is 2mm thick Acrylic, not PVC material, smooth and gold edge on four sides, high specification . Design can be customized according to customer requirements, up to 4 times . The envelope comes with red, beige and copper, pink and pink, the wine red envelope is upgraded by $6hkd, the steel envelope is upgraded by $5, and the envelope color can be mixed (all envelopes are designed and printed by yourself, Western V Cut design, not Taobao existing envelope) . The number of wedding invitations is at least 100, the more the number, the cheaper the price, the number can be 1 unit. . Wedding invitation 呎吋 115X165MM, envelope 125X175MM, can not be changed Acrylic engraved gold oil wedding invitation price: . 100 sheets: $5,200 hkd . 200 sheets: $8,800 hkd (Each wedding invitation includes the cost of custom design, printing, envelopes and plaque stickers) Production process: . After the deposit is made, guests need to fill in the information for design. . Design time is 20 working days (calculated from Monday to Friday) . JPG check text will be provided after the manuscript is completed . If it is modified, it will be completed in 2 days, and it will be modified up to 4 times. . Printing time is about 15 working days after the implementation of the draft period Precautions: * All the wedding photos, photos and objects will have color difference, can not be used as a reason for return * If you have any questions, please communicate before you can fulfill the order. Invitation Card . Made for you PP WEDDING Wedding


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