Japanese double yarn = handkerchief/gauze towel/saliva towel/bib/scarf=small elephant kiss=sunlight yellow

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The hand made from Japanese double yarn is afraid that it can be carried in a pocket after folding. When sweating, after



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Japanese double yarn = handkerchief/gauze towel/saliva towel/bib/scarf=small elephant kiss=sunlight yellow


**Because all the goods are hand-made by Katie's one-person mini studio, instead of being sold, they cannot be shipped quickly.**
**Commodity production is sent to [payment day + 10 working days (excluding holidays)]**
**Thank you for your patience and waiting ^^**


The timing has officially entered the summer.
As a super sweat pack,
As soon as you walk around outdoors, you will sweat immediately.

Previously, it was wiped with a portable paper wrapper.
However, thin face paper is always insufficient to use.
In recent years, I have been exposed to double yarns.
Double yarn is a cloth commonly used in baby products
Compared to general cotton cloth
Double yarn is softer, skin-friendly, and absorbs better than cotton
And the characteristics of gauze are "the more it is softer to wash."
Ideal for rubbing facial skin.

However, softness has also become a minor drawback of double yarns.
After washing and drying,
Due to the softness of the double yarn, it tends to become crumpled.
So Katie used a double yarn combined with a 40-cotton thin cotton cloth.
The softness of the handkerchief retaining the double yarn does not wrinkle.

Thin two-layer fabric, easy to fold,
After folding, you can carry it in your pocket.
When sweating, after washing hands, wipe out the handkerchief.
Can reduce the use of facial tissues and paper towels,
Let's love the earth together! ^^

The gauze handkerchief with two buttons is also suitable as a saliva towel for the baby.
After folding the handkerchief, it is equal to two layers of double yarn and two layers of thin cotton cloth
There is a certain amount of water absorption and it will not be stuffy because of too much fabric.
If you want to use it as a saliva towel,
Katie can nail you a set of plastic snap buttons ^^ for free
(The button color is matched by Katie. No color selection is available.)


**■Size: 26CM × 26CM**
*** Hand-made, so the size may have a 1 to 2 cm error.**

■Material: Table cloth → Double yarn / Base fabric → Thin cotton cloth
**Photo color difference, the bottom cloth is light apple green white dots**


**★Small reminder**

■ Photographs are taken from real products, but there may still be unavoidable color differences.

**■ Because the fabric is trimmed, the finished product does not have the same pattern and distribution as the photo.**

**■ Because the double yarn fabric is very soft, it is easy to be pulled during the sewing process, so the pattern arrangement may not be maintained straight. Please forgive me ^^**

**■ The characteristics of double yarn fabrics are softer and more washable. Therefore, it is recommended that after each cleaning, first pull the two corners and shake them, then dry them together and the handkerchief will remain flat. ^^**

■ All items are stitched by Katie on the sewing machine
Hand-made, it is inevitable that the car line is not straight enough, flat, a slight drop in size (1 ~ 2cm)
I think that this is a unique temperature for the work of hand, and please be sure to include this point in your purchasing consideration! ^^

■ The production schedule is 10 working days (excluding holidays) from the next day after the payment is confirmed.



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