German Coin Short Clip-Diamond Green

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**Small and minimal design**: focuses on tear-resistant materials-ultra-thin and feathery, waterproof, and 100% recyclable! It can maintain its original appearance even after long time use! Occasionally add some new colors to your trouser pockets!



German Coin Short Clip-Diamond Green

商品説明 **Small and minimal design**: focuses on tear-resistant materials-ultra-thin and feathery, waterproof, and 100% recyclable! It can maintain its original appearance even after long time use! Occasionally add some new colors to your trouser pockets! ** product features** ● DuPont™ Tyvek® ● German origin, purely handmade ● Water-repellent fiber, feels like paper, and feels distinct layers ● Resistant to tearing, abrasion, and durable like real leather ● 100% environmentally friendly natural material, which can be completely decomposed by soil DuPont™ Tyvek® Material Introduction: DuPont™ Tyvek® has been widely used in industrial applications in the past, such as building protection, technology industry chip dust-free packaging, medical protective clothing, aseptic packaging of medical supplies, and crop protection. With the recent development of high-end printing technology, many domestic and foreign designer brands have expanded their use of this technology and materials in outdoor apparel, sporting goods, cultural and creative, home and designer boutique manufacturing in view of the product functions of DuPont™ Tyvek® , Such as tablet computer cases, wallets, designer lamps, etc., push the commercial application of products to another peak. DuPont™ Tyvek® is a trademark of a series of technological products. It is a high-density polyethylene non-woven fabric composed of countless ultra-fine fibers through flash evaporation, which combines the advantages of paper, fabric and film. Its superior physical properties include ultra-lightweight, strong texture, soft touch, chemical protection, high weather resistance (UV resistance, heat insulation, wind resistance, water resistance, mildew resistance, breathability), and it can effectively resist extreme weather conditions. Destructive influence. At the same time, it can be recycled and reused, in line with the corporate environmental protection philosophy. **Your good travel companion!** short change clip is different from the previous design. The most convenient thing is that in addition to the banknote interlayer, there is an exclusive change storage compartment and a compartment that can hold receipts of various sizes, so that you can easily carry the short clip. Load the change! **Product Information** Product size-11cm x 7.8cm x 1.0cm, 15 gramms Material-DuPont™ Tyvek® **Made of 100% environmentally friendly DuPont™ Tyvek® DuPont technology material** Under the promotion of environmental protection concept, it has gradually become a daily practical environmental protection material. It is wear-resistant, can be washed repeatedly, is not easy to tear, is light in weight, and can be completely decomposed by the soil. **Our Proposition**: In addition to our products are purely handmade in Berlin, Germany, we insist that the working conditions of all workers can be healthy, safe, and socially fair. This is our proposition. **about** Absolutely tear-resistant! We use DuPont™ Tyvek®, which is stronger and more wear-resistant than paper, which can withstand various conditions of daily use, and even use car pull to test the load level, so there is no need to worry about any external force tearing. Tyvek® has experienced time Later, the paper texture will be slightly soft, showing a unique personal style. **Absolutely waterproof!** Do you often accidentally forget banknotes in your jeans pocket and throw them into the washing machine? That’s right. In addition to being tear-resistant, the biggest advantage of Tyvek® is waterproof! Our goods have been thrown into the washing machine and washed several times! No matter in the rainy season, falling into a puddle, or having to enter the water for cleaning, there is no problem! But it is recommended that you do not use organic solvents for cleaning and maintenance. **100% environmentally friendly and ultra-thin!** Compared with commercially available leather bags, our bags and wallets are 5-6 times thinner and lighter than commercially available models. For people who love life, they will think that animals do not need to be sacrificed in order to be the number in your cosmetic bag or purse. And most importantly! What Tyvek® brings is 100% recyclable. We attach great importance to the possibility of sustainable development, which will be the future trend! **Adhere to the origin of Berlin, Germany!** For example, printing, paper crumpling, stitching and sewing, etc., are all produced locally in Berlin, Germany. We hope that areas with relatively weak local economic power can also have job opportunities and receive better wages and benefits than third world countries. ▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁ **Cleaning method** Simply rinse with clean water and air dry or iron it with an iron. **Precautions** This is a "Tyvek®" material, and there will be creases that cannot be eliminated after creasing. **something else** The color is slightly deviated, subject to the actual product color. **Origin / manufacturing method** Germany/Handmade


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