Oreo Sweets Brownie Cake Oreo Cheese Brownie Cake

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Oreo Sweets Brownie Cake Oreo Cheese Brownie Cake


Follow the Design Pavilion! Pay attention to the Design Pavilion can enjoy the benefits】

70.5% of the bottom adult taste Bitter brownie top lined with top chewy incense, mezzanine and hidden mouthfeel OREO cookies.
The Oreo cheesecake is one of the most commonly baked cakes in London. If you like some mature yet childish taste, then this cake is for you.

**ㄅ ㄔ x ㄅ ㄔ Hand made desserts 100% Use all-natural ingredients**

__Oreo bitter brownie cake__**6-inch round die**
Oreo Cheese Brownie Cake**6 inch**

__The main raw material__
Belgian imports of 70.5% Bitter sweet button chocolate / Nisshin powder / Australia imports Philadelphia cream cheese / France imports Isigny unsalted butter / France imports Isigny cream / pasture organic eggs / Oreo / United States imports of walnuts

__storage method__
Refrigerated 5 days, no natural ingredients added, please eat the same day as soon as possible,
The best taste. When placed in a cold, please complete packaging, to avoid drying.

__Shipping packaging__
**Cold delivery service**
Please indicate when ordering that you would like to receive the period:
【Not specified, before 13 o'clock, 14-18】
If you do not specify for you check before 13 o'clock

__Free shipping buy discount__
**Taipei, the total amount of over 3,000 yuan can be free shipping**
[Delivery location for the same place, the same time]
☞ company buy another discount, welcome private information inquiry

For the sake of freshness, all the desserts are scheduled after the order payment is completed.
5-7 working days are expected to be delivered to your hands.

In order to protect the Earth's environment, we do not take the initiative to provide disposable tableware.

__Origin / manufacturing methods__
Taiwan / hand-made