SECRET BEAUTY Body Secrets Cleansing Soap - Rose

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SECRET BEAUTY Body Secrets Cleansing Soap - Rose


SECRET BEAUTY Body secret is made by the royal jelly, aloe vera and other herbal and natural herbal formula ST detached EU certified organic extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin avocado oil, virgin shea butter, jojoba oil, rosehip oil, macadamia nut oil as the base, smooth texture and gentle touch. Body Cleansing Soap secret to give the skin smooth and soft to the touch, royal jelly and mild herbal formula so horny metabolism, moisturizing, soothe dry unhealthy skin, improve dull skin back to healthy skin smooth and translucent! Body Secrets There are three flavors: Flavor (no added oil unscented) Rose (Rose Geranium - US doterra pure essential oils) Lavender (Lavender - United States doterra pure essential oils) _____________________________________ storage method: We recommend that users will receive secret Goods Body Cleansing soap cut into two to three equal parts using (generally a fruit knife to cut), to extend the life of Washing Soap (avoid touching piece together water consumption) after Washing soap unused in a sealed ziplock bags to store frozen can. Use: Wet hands and rub Eminence secret 3-5 laps, like after presenting the essence viscous began to massage to the face, then rinse with water. Precautions: All products are free of any chemical additives and no tears formula, avoid contact with eyes stinging when used to avoid discomfort. _____________________________________ ◆ All ST LOVE SOAP begin with cold virgin olive oil as the base, moisturize the skin and stability. ◆ ST Add the oil products are all natural pure essential oils, does not contain any artificial flavors or fragrances. (Our products are using doTERRA oils (except except citronella oil), oil is doTERRA by the United States "CPTG pure conditioning professional level certification," pure natural, non-toxic, does not contain any impurities or compounds, no pesticides or other chemicals .doTERRA residual contamination by oil and gas chromatograph mass spectrometer dual tests to ensure that each batch of oil purity and constituents.) ◆ ST on all goods are all handmade and each piece of soap appearance Jie slightly different color. ◆ ST mild natural product, can purge the body skin, scalp, face, body. ◆ ST All products are free of any chemical additives and no tears formula, avoid contact with eyes causes discomfort during use. ◆ ST All products adhere to the more than three months before the dry soap packaging to sell, better skin-friendly. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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