Hanging Moon - Full Moon l Bring the Moon Home Wood Lighting Touch Night Light

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For those who like to watch the moon and the sun is missing.



Hanging Moon - Full Moon l Bring the Moon Home Wood Lighting Touch Night Light


https://youtu.be/4_y76_SPoKA Continuing the suspension of exclusive design for the Tainan Masters in 2017, this year we used the same concept, changed the material, added visual details, and fully presented, always accompanying our moon, gentle and mysterious. Expressing the shackles of the moon in this year's hanging moon. No matter where it is, it is always discussed in the place where the moon is seen. The moon in the city’s tall buildings always looks very big, going home, and the fields are looking far away from us, but silent. The land is next to us. When the weather is good, you can look at it, imagine standing in one of its pits, imagine the sight of Armstrong landing on the moon at that time; when the weather is bad, you can enjoy the moon halo. This year, two models are introduced – half-moon and full-month, both of which use batteries and are not limited by the power supply. They can be placed where you want them. The half-month can be attached to any iron item, refrigerator, door, shelf, etc., the month of the lightly suspended suspension, it will appear to be awakened by you. The full-month model is designed to be touch-sensitive, and it touches the stone under the moon, and the moon shines. Both are hand-made from wood combined with wool felt, and the light radiating from the wool felt will bring a quiet space at night and more temperature. **|Features|** **Using battery** With the battery, it can be placed in perfect position with the user's needs, without being pinned by the power supply. **LED bulb** The high-quality LED bulbs are used with a service life of 20,000 hours. The process does not generate heat, but it can bring warm yellow light into the space. **Composite material** Use wool felt mixed wash to express the softness and texture of the moon. Combined with a red copper and oak base for a warm look. **Number and custom lettering** Each piece of work is produced by us, with the completion of the work, brand-like branding and engraving number, providing custom lettering, so that each piece has its own unique identity. **Customized lettering instructions:**Provide free engraving service, hand-written, please be in English (10 letters). To add this service, please provide the text in the remarks column when placing the order. Because it is hand-written, non-printing or laser engraving, the font is not a model, but full of heart. **About maintenance** Every piece of MoziDozen's work is designed and hand-made. Each piece of work delivered to the guest is like our child. We look forward to your continued use after purchase, such as the need for repair after use. Please feel free to contact us at any time. We only need to pay the freight and basic materials. We will provide you with repair service indefinitely. __A one-year warranty is provided, and any damage caused by non-human factors during the period will be provided with free repair or replacement service.__ **package** All of our homemade drawstring bags are attached. If you buy a gift, you will also have a full visual impression. It is also expected that the bag for packaging can be used continuously after the work enters the space. **Size (cm)** Length: 15, width: 8.5, height: 36 ::Because of the work for the hand, each piece is created after the guest has placed the order, and the size is provided as an approximate value: **specification** ↳AA battery X3 **Material** Oak oak, wool felt, high quality electronic materials **Production method** ↳ Machine and handmade **Production location** 台Taiwan, Taiwan


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