[Out of Print] Snow Fox │ Natural Mineral Double Chain Rosary Heart 925 Sterling Silver Bracelet Bracelet

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Between the quiet morning light and the moonlight, the silver fox traveled through the snow and walked on a gray-blue bo



[Out of Print] Snow Fox │ Natural Mineral Double Chain Rosary Heart 925 Sterling Silver Bracelet Bracelet



Snow fox
Between the quiet morning light and the moonlight, the silver fox traveled through the snow and walked on a gray-blue border. Just like this artistic conception, Snow Fox's design adopts ceremonial and focused ore - blue coral and blue-blue Dongling jade. It is lined with Picasso, a white-gray stone that mixes and changes. Pass the balance between static energy, clear the mind, release stress, and stabilize emotions.

Picasso rock is one of the major dykes in the earth's crust and belongs to a type of marble. High hardness, rich lines, with the energy that connects people and the earth, is a calm and calm ore. Together with the purification of pure silver and the blocking of negative energy, people can be more settled in a messy life and get clear thoughts and stability.

○ Spirit symbol
Maintain calm, focus, self-precipitate, release stress, clear thoughts and stability.

Silver Fox
Natural Picasso stone prayer beads

○ Spiritual Energy
Symbolizing peaceful, quietness, calm, relief stress, clear mind and focusing. reliable and steady.

○ Material
"Natural picosso stone, blue coral, sterling spacer beads, Sterling silver fox and frost pendant. handmade in Taiwan."

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★ Any custom Ariel design is given: "Free warranty." (See details below)

★ Orders are attached-[Classic Package]
"Collection of iron boxes", "Snow gray wool felt storage bags", "Dust-proof velvet bag", "Brand cards, warranty cards", "Germany-made silver polishing cloth", "Royal copper oil (for copper-containing accessories works)"

★ Another optional ─ [simple packaging]
"Collection iron box", "retention card", "silver polishing cloth"
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● Material
Natural Picasso Wollastonite, Blue Coral, Blue Blue Dongling Jade, Sterling Silver Hand Made Seperator, 925 Silver Casting Seperator, Sterling Silver Fox, 925 Silver Frost Pendant, Japan Elastic Silk.
Origin: Taiwan, handmade design


● Use & Maintenance
1. If you inadvertently stain the stain, wash it with clean water and dry it with a cloth.
2. The natural ore is highly resistant and the natural color is mineral, so there will be no discoloration or oxidation.
3. Allier uses high-purity natural metals (pure brass, sterling silver) that will gradually oxidize when exposed to air, rain, or sweat. Therefore, it is best to "take off, wear, and relax" at the seaside, bathing, swimming, and sports, and keep the metallic luster bright.
4. After the oxidation of pure silver, you can wipe gently with silver polishing cloth until the silver parts can restore luster.
5. After the brass is oxidized, use a cotton swab dipped in copper oil and apply it evenly to the brass part. Dry it several times with a dry cloth. The cloth turns black to indicate effective wiping.


● For you, after-sales service
All Alija's design works have "free warranty for three times" service.
A “Product Warranty Card” will be attached to the work you received. If you accidentally break or damage during the course of your wear, or need to adjust the size, clean up, oil, etc., you can fill in the warranty card. The works and tin boxes are sent to us and we will handle them carefully. Therefore, please be sure to collect a warranty card, a unique piece of work, just like your "work identity card."
Warranty Card + Works + Tin Box = Warranty Service

● Crystal and ore need to be purified
It is often described as crystals like natural sounds, or memory carriers, and receiving magnetic fields will resonate at that frequency. It is also this feature that enhances the positive magnetic field and keeps the partner's own stability. But in the same way, if the crystal is exposed to too much negative energy, it will be changed in the long run and indirectly affect the owner. At this time, it is very necessary for him to rest well, repurify (demagnetize), and return to the natural neutral state.

There are many ways to purify, here are two less necessary preparations, very convenient and comfortable purification method.

1. Daylight purification
Zero cost but good weather is needed. The crystal is placed on the sunny window sill, allowing the warm sunlight to shine. Because the energy of sunlight is relatively strong, the time does not need to be too long, generally about 30 minutes. (However, it will increase or decrease the purification time if it is overcast or cloudy
However, it is not light to be effective. It is suggested that you can use your own principle of sunbathing. Warm and comfortable, you don't like sun drying, and your crystal does not love.

2. Mountain springs and streams purification
It is called "washing stones." Nature has always been the best healing person!
When you go to the natural environment, you can put the crystal ore into the clear and comfortable stream, gently rub it, rinse it, and let the springs wash away the dirt on the stone. At the same time, the endless water energy will take away the negative magnetic field. To the natural balance.
(Please pay attention to safety, do not choose inaccessible water or magnificent waterfall!)
This is a very zero-cost way of purification, and at the same time there are more opportunities for you to walk through the mountains and purify your crystals while purifying your body and mind.

● Small brand touch
The seemingly unorthodox natural ore shows such incredible beauty as if it were a mystical power, contained, waiting for release.

The mission of Aliya A laya is
"The creation of natural minerals, combined with the mind and the metalwork, integrates the earth's energy into pure, concise and wearable accessories, bringing deeper aesthetics of life."

Move with time
Life is constantly facing various ups and downs, affecting the stability of the heart.
we believe
A good cup of tea can dilute the chaotic mood.
When savoring the sweet and bitter fragrance of each tea soup, it seems that the whole world is not consciously suspended.
As if a beautiful design, can make people feel the beauty of life again.
Through the hand's temperature, delicately link each of the pure natural minerals, and experience the unique and gentle energy of natural stone.
Let people find the tranquility of the soul, immersed in the natural atmosphere, returning to pure happiness.

Between the movement and the realm of life
─ ─ Sense, Che, Jing, Mei

Origin / manufacturing methods


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