WTF MOAI- 囧摩艾石像

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WTF MOAI- 囧摩艾石像


**[Product Description]** The Easter Island Moai statue is a stone statue that protects the islanders. Legend has it that the island can be blessed with good weather. Designed with the concept of guardianship, this gardening decoration is ideal for office or home furnishings. -- "囧" is one of the best representatives of words and expressions. This expression can represent a lot of meanings, which may be embarrassing, wrong, helpless...etc. It's a symbol that looks like negative emotions but with funny humor. If life can do the same, I think I can dissolve a lot of darkness into humor. Our creations like to connect with everyone. What emotions do you interpret? **【specification】** 11.5 cm high and 455 g (approximately) **[Material]** BS **[Designer and brand introduction]** Designer / Xiao Qi CHI Design Studio Brand/Flesh Cultivation Institute Succulent Plants Studio Brand spirit: **[Buy attention]** If you want to order more than two of the same style, please send me a message, I will help you to open another exclusive page. -- There are a lot of orders in Moai. If the time limit is limited, please send a message to the queue order before placing the order, such as the acceptable waiting time and subscript. thanks for your support. Orders are queued by payment date, and workday definitions do not include national holidays. Please send a message if you specify or urgent date. At present, there are too many queues, and each order is queued. Before the shipment, the estimated shipment date will be sent to everyone for reference (some will be thrown into the junk mail). If there is a message to tell me, please do not leave in the remarks field, because the system will not send me a letter, so I will miss, please change to the station letter or click [contact designer], thank you for ^^ -- Cement products are purely hand-made products of graduate students. Each product has its own individual differences. For example, pores and spots, dust, and polymers are all material characteristics. If you cannot accept them, please do not buy them. The cement production schedule needs to consider environmental factors, and sometimes the drying time is prolonged due to weather factors, so please be considerate. Pay attention to goods outside Taiwan! The Hong Kong and Macao region cooperates with the freight as SF Express, and the rest is Chunhua Post. Please check the goods at the time of receiving the goods. Otherwise, if the goods are damaged, the company will not compensate. Origin / manufacturing methods Handmade in Kaohsiung, Taiwan


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