| Touch of moonlight | Yun airy cotton blue 925 sterling silver earrings

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| Touch of moonlight | Yun airy cotton blue 925 sterling silver earrings


✧ product description Japan imported material "pearl cotton" Cotton is a plus as the main body and compressed into pellets Skin matte processing sprayed by weight of pearl luster without Worn on the ear is very light ✧ Use material Natural blue chalcedony / about 6cm Japan's imports of cotton pearl / about 0.6cm 925 sterling silver ear hook ✧ section may be customized to screw clamp formula Use ear clip imported from Japan Subject to a / 100 yuan fee Ear clip plus standard commercially available at a lower https://www.pinkoi.com/product/1VvxDhlE?category=2 ✧ gem Archives Jade marrow Because scarcity is not high in many gem Popular and approachable prices Is one of the preferred introductory paragraph of natural stone Moist texture like tapioca-like sense of purity and refinement is a good quality Stone language family complete harmony Energy to remove sad, cheerful and strengthen confidence Origin Brazil Texture hardness, the easier the storage ✧ routine maintenance Wipe sweat and sebum with a soft cloth or cotton pad wear Ziplock bag properly accommodated in the absence of air to prevent oxidation Fine chain class of goods Please always wearing bathing Wash away the sweat and sebum on jewelry ✧ Precautions Macro photo pages begin with, please note the size of stones marked Avoid wearing jewelry in the spa, swimming pool Avoid pulling the collision precious stones, chipping or breakage may occur When using gold cloth wipe maintenance, please graze, to avoid breakage When they find jewelry luster dimmed, cleaning and maintenance as soon as possible Before the goods are sent dip Mu night in the moonlight complete degaussing ✧ About Maintenance We support environmental reused many times caring for the earth Goods sold Jie lifetime guarantee repair service indefinitely Precious metals (14K & 925 sterling silver) material charge a replacement part costs Elastic rope bracelet line class update is completely free Please update to be within or damaged merchandise we discussed a letter to the station to take pictures ✧ packaging Comes with the goods' swab gold / silver "a cloth Avoid unnecessary waste and excess packaging Main commodities begin with simple packaging sent, please agree to buy In recycled paper based / component package contains corn starch foam cushion Confirm goods delivery to the security of your hand If gift-giving needs, the next mark after remarks write "gift" and other messages We will arrange for the packaging and more details ※ Do not have a designated packaging paper bag or carton specified color wrapping paper Taiwan handmade Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan


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