Natural gem snow glazed aquamarine sapphire bracelet custom gift lover fortune

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Natural gem snow glazed aquamarine sapphire bracelet custom gift lover fortune


**怎么 说 What the designer says** The selection of natural snow-white and sky-blue gemstones is strictly selected, echoing the blue snowy fields of white snow, making the temperament elegant and bright (you) you, becoming the sweetest elf in the snow. **Limited to 2 pieces, waiting for the owner to appear.** **Aquamarine** Aquamarine is named for its clear blue-green like the ocean. Legend has it that a group of mermaids live on the bottom of the blue sea. They usually use aquamarine as jewelry and let the gemstones receive sunlight to gain mysterious power to protect themselves. Therefore, aquamarine is also called "mermaid stone". For centuries, sailors drifting above the waves have also used the aquamarine to pray for the safety of the sea god. Therefore, aquamarine is regarded as the "stone of the brave", which symbolizes calmness, courage and wisdom. **lapis lazuli** The ancient books are recorded, and the Chinese have used Lapis lazuli since 5,000 years ago, and the Egyptians even earlier, about 8,000 years ago. Chinese emperors used lapis lazuli to sacrifice the sky. Because lapis lazuli is as blue as the sky, people believe that lapis lazuli is a gem that can be linked to the sky. The Egyptians believed that they could communicate with another world and use it. The best looking lapis lazuli in the world is produced in Afghanistan. The lapis lazuli color of Afghanistan is domineering and has the reputation of emperor green. When choosing lapis lazuli, remember that the natural distribution of blue, white (calcite), and gold (pyrite) is preferred. Lapis lazuli is formed on the surface and has a lot of pores on the surface. **Tridacna** Tridacna Stone comes from the deep sea. It is an organic gemstone that has been cultivated and grown for thousands of years. It contains a powerful magnetic field, which enables the wearer to enhance the physical and mental harmony and inspire self-wisdom. **White crystal** White crystal (Crystal) is best for clean and transparent, formed over high temperature, high pressure, billions of years. According to legend, Hercules is the bravest hero in Greek mythology. In each battle, he always clings to the shiny white crystal shield. The shield will shine in the sky and the sky. Momentum, Zeus was named the brave king. Therefore, white crystal is the king of crystal, symbolizing the role of strength, courage, wisdom and purification. **◈Choose carefully and carefully** Material: Natural urn, white jade urn, white crystal, aquamarine, lapis lazuli, glass, 925 silver Dimensions: The length of the hand circumference is about 16cm and the diameter is 5cm.**hand circumference can be adjusted with the designer**. **◈ Expect the only one you meet** We assure you that this is a single product, not a mass production. If you need to reprint or mass-produce, you must understand the extraordinary taste. Because it is purely handmade, each piece cannot be 100% the same, but we will try our best to make the style consistent. Please give us some time to prepare each piece. **◈About use and collection** 1. Natural gemstones have natural luster and unique textures (fine black spots, stone textures, ice cracks, clouds, mineral deficiencies, asymmetry and other natural details). As long as you wear them often, you can observe slight changes in color of natural gemstones , Usually looks more translucent, more charming, is also the best maintenance method. Natural organic gemstones (such as coral, amber, pearl, and coriander) have low hardness and are not resistant to acids and alkalis. When soiled, do not wash with detergent, wash with water and wipe with a soft cloth. You can also use a soft brush Take a small amount of mineral oil (such as baby oil) and brush for curing. 2. The useful life of metal art products is quite long, only to avoid external damage or strong acid and alkali causing discoloration. 3. Cloth (satin ribbon, cotton, yarn) has a soft and comfortable texture, and its service life is quite long. Only avoid high temperature, external force damage, or strong acid and alkali to cause discoloration. 4. For any material jewelry, when it is dirty, it should be wiped with soft cloth and water as appropriate, or use an appropriate amount of neutral detergent for the appropriate material. Keep it dry as soon as possible after washing. 5. When the jewelry is unloaded, it must be properly packed and stored to prevent excess air to slow down oxidation and discoloration and do not overlap and weigh. **◈Works packaging and after-sales maintenance** 1. If you have any questions about the works, please ask the station letter to keep in touch. 2. Packaging part, please love the earth with us. We adhere to the principle of environmental protection and recyclability, supplemented by the texture of the work, to achieve the purpose of unique packaging, durable delivery, easy access and other purposes. 3.**Your ❤❤❤❤❤ praise, let us feel warm, repurchase in the future, we will not forget to give you gifts**. 4. We provide lifetime maintenance services for works. It is recommended that you take photos of the works you want to update or damage and discuss with us.**Precious metals (18K gold, 925 silver), elastic thread, silk thread, handmade and replacement costs are "free of charge", shipping costs are borne by consumers**, so it is recommended that you repurchase goods when sending for repairs, and we will complete the repair Sending works with repurchases can save you shipping costs.


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