Good night little jasmine jasmine white soap │ dry skin │ clean face bath

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▲ Jasmine oil is a very good skin, whitening material ▲ Whitening and moisturizing refreshing muscles ▲ Aroma main │ Ma Yulan & Elan Ilan ▲ Suitable for scented oysters ▲ Pure cold soap ▲ Whole vegetable oil formula ▲ Natural Zero add


Good night little jasmine jasmine white soap │ dry skin │ clean face bath


│ Flower ∞ ∞ Flower Series │ High-concentration flower and plant handmade soap based on 3 months of flower soaking oil! Soaking oil is a traditional daylight extraction method that releases the essence of flowers and plants into the vegetable oil. The soaking oil contains nutrients of flowers and plants and has a pure plant aroma, which is soothing and relaxing~ **[Good night jasmine] jasmine white soap** Aroma Main │Ma Yulan & Elan Ilan For skin type │ neutral skin, dry skin Moisture degree ▲▲▲△△ Jasmine has always been known for its elegant floral fragrance, while jasmine oil is a very good skin and white material. [Good night jasmine] is a moisturizing white soap specially designed for women. The scent of jasmine flowers and oils blends with the marjoram and ylang ylang. The overall fragrance combination gives a fascinating sensibility. If there is a sweet scent, it is suitable for those who like the delicate fragrance. │ Product Description │ Ingredients │ Jasmine oil, palm oil, coconut oil, hazelnut oil, camellia oil, black rice oil, caustic alkali, water, marjoram essential oil, ylang ylang essential oil, Sabah jasmine essential oil, frankincense essential oil, jasmine petals Use │ cleansing, bathing, skin cleansing Usage │ Put the soap into the wet and sputum and use it for facial and body cleansing. Avoid using soap bubbles to contact the eyes during use. Net weight │100 ± 5 g Storage method │ in a dry and ventilated place and avoid direct sunlight │ About a touch of green handmade soap │ Cleaning is something everyone does every day, but we all soak ourselves in chemical detergents that add too much spice. We want to treat each skin gently with the simplest mood and ingredients, so we have the following Point of insistence: ▲ Select the original Italian OLITALIA olive oil and the aromatherapy plant oil with a high moisturizing effect into the soap. △ Traditional ancient method low temperature condensation, small batch hand-made, retaining the nutrients of natural oils. ▲ Choose natural plant extract essential oil into soap, do not add synthetic flavor, simply enjoy the fragrance time of bathing! △ No pigment addition, using herbs and mineral mud to present the warm and lovely color of handmade soap~ ▲ Do not add chemical ingredients such as preservatives, antibacterial agents, hardeners, and fixatives to reduce irritation to the skin. △ Each touch of green handmade soap is a warm and moist soap that has been brewed for 30-45 days. We started with a piece of soap sent by a friend, and fell in love with the cleansing and delicate scent of handmade soap. We believe that everyone can start using soap and use this simple mood to share and lead themselves to stay away from chemical detergents and reduce the burden on skin and the environment. │ Note │ ● Handmade soap ingredients are natural, but sensitive skin should be tested on the inside of the arm before use. Confirm that you can use it without any allergic reaction. ● Natural colors from vegetable oil, powder and mineral powder. Different batches will have slight differences and have Fading condition over time ● Natural essential oils are volatile, and the aroma of essential oils will fade over time or even become soap-free, which is normal! ● Each piece of soap is hand-cut and stamped, the shape is not completely square, and the soap and soap on the soap will more or less produce soap cutting! ● It is recommended to use soap and antiseptics as early as possible. If the soap has oily taste, please use it for household use and use it as soon as possible.


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