Double layer thick toast bag

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Use the Italian cowhide leather on the head of the Italian side, and use the side bag on both sides. Usually put it in t


Double layer thick toast bag


On a busy morning, always toast with coffee. Longing for the distance, you need an opportunity to get away from life. Spring Pig Studio specially designed a dual-use side bag for Pinkoi. It is usually placed in the bag and loaded with a strap to immediately start anywhere. The double-layered square shape has a three-dimensional pocket in front and back. It can store mobile phones, keys, wallets, passports and air tickets according to the needs. It is a good friend for travel. Sewing with Italian vegetable tanned leather, the color of the leather will change from shallow original color to super beautiful retro caramel color with time and frequent use. With the different colors of the top cover, each toast bag is unique! Top cover color choice: cream, strawberry, mint, peanut, blueberry ---------------------------------------- *Material Description: Italian vegetable tanned leather and adjustable strap (some leather/cloth/hardware is limited, we will replace it with the nearest material if there is a shortage) * Size Description: Width 15 x height 15 x thickness 3 CM *other instructions: [Photo color is slightly color-shifted, subject to the actual color] [Some leather/cloth/hardware is limited, if there is a shortage, we will replace it with the nearest material] [The color and texture of each leather is a natural trace of the animal, and these marks are also unique to leather. Fascinating. ] *Basic maintenance [The best way to maintain is to use him often. The oil on our hands is a natural maintenance oil!] [The leather will dry for a long time without use, and the basic maintenance (1~3 months): First brush the leather surface with a soft hair (horse hair) brush, then use a clean soft cloth to protect the thin layer of the oil. After the maintenance, the leather will be more shiny than before the maintenance!] *Scar treatment [Scratch: Use leather maintenance oil to rub against the direction of scratches to reduce scratch marks] [Decolorization: Do not wear light-colored clothing when sweating in the summer/raining to prevent dark leather from contaminating clothing. ] [Moldy: Avoid the mildew of the leather. You can put the newspaper inside the leather. Usually put it in a place with low moisture and good ventilation.] [Prevent water marks: 1. Wet the entire leather (not wet when wet, to avoid deformation and discoloration). 2. Dry the leather naturally (not dry at high temperature to prevent the leather from cracking). 3. The oil will be lost from the wet to the dry process, and finally the oil needs to be kept last time. ] [The surface of the leather is dirty: it can be wiped gently with an eraser (original skin is not recommended)] [Cortical hardening: Wipe with leather oil to restore the original softness] [Mold spot: Gently brush the surface with a brush, then wipe it once with a clean damp cloth, and place it in a ventilated place to remove the musty smell] ---------------------------------------- *Made in Taiwan handmade*


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