Flexible Tissue Box_Ballet Slipper

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As the amount of the tissue decreases, the height of the tissue alters its height automatically.


Flexible Tissue Box_Ballet Slipper


New Color!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKeJb8_XMyk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYlwWRoMEac https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-kOdx5DsdSj4/WgUICW2lVTI/AAAAAAAAeP4/dYKlCzpD6uUh51W_lgKvWdJRhFoYHNYowCLcBGAs/s640/%25E7%25B6%25B2%25E6%258B%258D%2B%25E4%25BB%258B%25E7%25B4%25B9%25E6%2596%2587%25E5%25AD%2597-02-02.jpg https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-4pFaIZxSpBc/Wh9eQPXgQmI/AAAAAAAAeZg/FDbMS9Ud0kQ_tArfNhFZfSAc9cbk_0UWQCLcBGAs/s1600/%25E4%25BC%25B8%25E7%25B8%25AE%25E9%259D%25A2%25E7%25B4%2599%25E7%259B%2592%2B%25E7%25B6%25B2%25E6%258B%258D%25E4%25BB%258B%25E7%25B4%25B9%25E5%259C%25962.jpg https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-hB3H1x73ods/WAQyBcE5mCI/AAAAAAAAW70/6EhafL8iAdIqJ8bPquzDzp21bY85kvYYwCLcB/s1600/%25E4%25BC%25B8%25E7%25B8%25AE%25E9%259D%25A2%25E7%25B4%2599%25E7%259B%2592%2B%25E7%25B6%25B2%25E6%258B%258D%25E4%25BB%258B%25E7%25B4%25B9%25E5%259C%25963.jpg https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Nk9iiHQovjE/WAQyJB_JMsI/AAAAAAAAW78/Ug-zGSgTmeQrXdUtZU8wBFJwE_QmR250ACLcB/s1600/%25E4%25BC%25B8%25E7%25B8%25AE%25E9%259D%25A2%25E7%25B4%2599%25E7%259B%2592%2B%25E7%25B6%25B2%25E6%258B%258D%25E4%25BB%258B%25E7%25B4%25B9%25E5%259C%25964.jpg https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-n-zOWMLwLJc/WAQyM_uk-SI/AAAAAAAAW8A/lnC8bFm7pFEFAY9WYhuyEz7Yg5nQ5gXIQCLcB/s1600/%25E4%25BC%25B8%25E7%25B8%25AE%25E9%259D%25A2%25E7%25B4%2599%25E7%259B%2592%2B%25E7%25B6%25B2%25E6%258B%258D%25E4%25BB%258B%25E7%25B4%25B9%25E5%259C%25965.jpg https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-lqS7IxJGbj4/WAQySsJKANI/AAAAAAAAW8E/PrSzaOeldog52n6mejiobVpVki1nfCmKQCLcB/s1600/%25E4%25BC%25B8%25E7%25B8%25AE%25E9%259D%25A2%25E7%25B4%2599%25E7%259B%2592%2B%25E7%25B6%25B2%25E6%258B%258D%25E4%25BB%258B%25E7%25B4%25B9%25E5%259C%25966.jpg https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-sQlLczSqSIA/WAQyVTBNNxI/AAAAAAAAW8I/1nODduV3mSgA4wAIf8IwukGFf3V1bibQwCLcB/s1600/%25E4%25BC%25B8%25E7%25B8%25AE%25E9%259D%25A2%25E7%25B4%2599%25E7%259B%2592%2B%25E7%25B6%25B2%25E6%258B%258D%25E4%25BB%258B%25E7%25B4%25B9%25E5%259C%25967.jpg The Concept of Design : It’s always bothering as the removable tissue slides into the tissue box. The design applies to gravity and segmented lamination principle. As the amount of the tissue decreases, the flexible tissue box will alter its height automatically. The weight of the tissue box keeps pushing the tissue, from the first piece of the tissue to the very last one. Besides, users can measure the amount of the tissue simply by measuring the height of the tissue box. Distinguishing Features of Design : 1. Prevent removable tissue from sliding into the tissue box. 2. As the amount of the tissue decreases, the height of the tissue alters its height automatically. 3. Get the amount of tissue by measuring the height of the tissue box. ※ stretch surface carton (Luxury Gold / Starry Black / Pink / Airy Blue / Primrose Yellow / Ballet Slipper / Cream Gray) surface using spray processing process, are a master of a group of manual processing a group of spray to complete. As a result of spraying in the confined space, the spraying process will be more than spilled in the air spray paint powder, part of the paint powder will be attached to the inner edge of the product, are the normal process of the process. ※ Before using the product, please wipe the inner powder slightly with toilet paper or paper towel. Spray paint processing process link: https: //youtu.be/3cdlre8wbCE ※ In order to correspond to the sale of various paper manufacturers, due to the number of different extraction or the quality of different. If you encounter paper is difficult to extract or face paper damage, the retractable side of theFlexible Tissue Box pull up and down tight, temporarily fixed height use, both to solve the problem. Https://img.pcstore.com.tw/~prod/M25391714/_sE_7159303037.jpg?pimg=static&P=1489385007 Note: Please read and read the contents of the product before buying. Where the personal factors, such as: impulsive shoppers, the style is not the person, the color does not like those who have seen after the need, material and imagination of different people ... and other personal factors, rather than the product itself defect problems, Can not match return service! Suggested personal factors to consider the consumer, please personally to the physical store or department store to buy, to avoid unnecessary disputes. If you need to return the goods, please follow the notice below to thank you for your cooperation. Https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-up21Ocn9zkQ/WFzAP1Ah8bI/AAAAAAAAXmQ/kI5eyQW2mGMmSkPlgQk-gohU4p9YNTODwCLcB/s1600/copy_d_201609191750211340.jpg


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