Olinda's Seventh sterling silver thick bracelet | Olinda

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925 silver / bracelet thickness of about 3mm, width of about 4mm, semi-circular thick plate, intermediate groove vulcanization black treatment


Olinda's Seventh sterling silver thick bracelet | Olinda


[Visible City・Design] Of course, Olinda is not the only city that grows in a concentric way, just like a tree trunk with an annual ring. But in other cities, the city center still retains the old and narrow wall band, from which the faded spires rise, the towers, the roofs and the domes are there, and the new blocks are there. The loose belt is generally spread out from there to the four sides. This is not the case with Olinda: the old city walls are connected with the old neighborhoods, expanding together and growing, maintaining the original proportions on the wider surface of the city; they are surrounded by newer neighborhoods, and these newer neighbourhoods Grow at the edge, and become thinner, in order to make room for the updated area that is being squeezed out; accordingly, one ring and one ring, until the core of the city, there is a brand new Olinda..... . 925 silver / bracelet thickness of about 3mm, width of about 4mm, semi-circular thick plate, intermediate groove vulcanization black treatment, sterling silver is malleable, can be slightly adjusted to suit your wrist / product 16~17cm bracelet, If you have the specified size, you can first send a letter to inform, first adjust [Visible City・Packaging] Gift-style packaging / suede bag / security card / silver cloth / architectural blueprint texture packaging bag [Visible City・One-to-one teaching] For the love of metal craft, I hope to teach one-on-one, so that students can absorb and discuss more deeply. There are currently single-course, basic courses (8 lessons), and interested friends please search for FB: Visible City message! [Visible City・Used Beauty] We encourage our guests to wear them regularly and protect the silverware through the oil secreted by the human body, giving it a natural and lustrous luster. A silver cloth is attached to the package to wipe the jewelry back. It is not advisable to wear it when bathing or soaking in hot springs to avoid chemical discoloration. [Visible City・Inspiration] "Visible City's original design inspiration comes from Ital Calvino's "Invisible City", which is not true, and the city that truly exists in the world. "Invisible City" is a book through Kublai Khan. Khan talks with Marco Polo and introduces many fantasy and non-realistic cities. In the book, Marco Polo is an Italian traveler, and Kublai Khan has many curiosities about Western cities, knowledge, technology, and geography. Everything in the West is He was fascinated. So Kublai Khan longed for Marco Polo to constantly describe the kinds of things he had never been to the city to satisfy his curiosity." "Visible City's creative theme is based on the city, and its emotions are the spirit. The operation of a city, under the framework of "architecture", "people" is the main operator. Even in the most chaotic generations, the most ruined cities, stories about breakthroughs, wandering, courage, and rebirth can always attract the attention of the world, because we believe in people’s deep hearts, the weak, yet strong force. !" Learn more about brand size? Facebook search: Visible City Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan / handmade


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