Mount Fuji Embroidered Wool Vest

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Japanese-made wool yarn is hand-embroidered with high-quality wool fabric, and the interior is comfortably washed with double yarn to ensure that it is in love with it.


Mount Fuji Embroidered Wool Vest


富士 Mount Fuji embroidery vest ❚ ◪ Specially recorded the embroidery process is very healing ◪ This piece of wool cloth is really good. The rabbit fell in love with him at first sight. Look at the small dots in the color. The product is definitely much more beautiful than the photo. It contains warm wool and is comfortable. ◪ Use Japanese wool yarn embroidery texture upgrade, different from the fine stitching of the previous embroidery thread, the grain is more obvious, and the wool fabric has a warmer winter feeling. 舒适 Comfortable lining wash double yarn, water washing lines add more texture, quite soft to know. ◪ The texture of the Japanese-made four-button buckle does not need to be seen to see that it will be different. 质 Textured wool fabric - dark blue / khaki 舒适 Comfortable washed double yarn - mustard yellow / mustard green / red / blueberry ⌂ Japanese wool yarn hand embroidery - can be embroidered with any 10 or less English words Dark blue hair with mustard green washed double yarn Khaki with mustard green washed double yarn (The pin is a private item, and the finished product will have three Japanese-made four-buttons on the same product) The self-selected embroidered word will replace the muge part, and the bottom 富士 (Mt. Fuji) will have 喔 (10 English words are available) Washed double yarn color is optional Product map /// Size price list /// 80cm - $1580 90cm - $1680 100cm - $1780 Model - Muco 91cm / 12.5kg with 80cm fit (Like a short version, you can take a small one) /// Precautions/// Please be sure to check the color of the fabric before you place your order. ❷The product production period can wait for one month and then wait for another order Please hand-wash the hand-made products to extend their life. - **Rabbit design life** ❚ Illustrator / Photography / Wedding Design / Handmade / Course❚ I love any beautiful things, and I like to convert any bit of life into a beautiful and moving picture through my hands. "Let your favorite things become life" Hand Writer - Rabbit / Rabbit From the age of love graffiti, at the age of three, I drew a painting that made the babysitter frame. Self-study computer drawing, from the birthday of a certain year, my brother sent an electro-painted version, most often using photoshop creation, illustrator, inDesign also one after another. Because the son is planted into the world for his hands, he continues to use his hands to create more works that make people feel healed. As a child, he uses his heart to nurture and protect his heart, so that beauty can continue to every child. Source of inspiration - Muco / Muke My son, Mu Ke, the lovely boy who is bathed in the sun, is the expectation we gave him when he was born. It is also the best spokesperson for the rabbit hand, just want to give him the best, use everything about me.


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