Healthy sports socks [Boute bottle recycling environmentally friendly fiber fabric] sports socks

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Ecomax Taiwan focuses on friendly environmentally friendly textiles Provide diverse textile manufacturing design Always believe that good design is part of life Concerned about the global environment Ecomax's core of R&D philosophy



Healthy sports socks [Boute bottle recycling environmentally friendly fiber fabric] sports socks


New life aesthetics New choice for white socks control Promote simple and simple life concept Environmental protection, friendliness and simplicity Refuse to waste Weavers are tight and strong Protect your toes and heels It is not easy to loosen your feet Comfortable and easy to wear Weaving is ergonomic Thickness touch Whether walking or running Especially comfortable We are designing the organization with care Weaving socks at the same time The part of the color is emphasized to protect the fixed ★ Product description and story All Ecomax products from Taiwan's design team are all arranged, including planning, design, sketching, tailoring, ironing, sewing, quality inspection, packaging, shipping, etc., which is the biggest purpose of the brand. I hope that more people will know that a friendly environment is not difficult. I hope that "green consumption" can be fully integrated into your life with good design. Combine Taiwan's humanities, art, craftsmanship and aesthetics to satisfy your peace of mind. ★ size, size, size Size: Free Size 23-28cm for men and women to wear weight: 40 grams Due to the color difference of different pictures on the monitor, the actual product is subject to purchase. ★Material Ecomax environmentally friendly textile material Taiwan design Baote bottle recycled fiber (environmental yarn) 67% nylon 30% Lycra 2% Elastic fiber 1% ★ Origin Made in TAIWAN ★ use and maintenance methods It is recommended to use it for the first time. ● Do not use bleach: Bleaching hardens the elastic fibers, causing the elasticity of the socks to be fatigued and loose. ● Do not use soft essence: Softness will block the pores of the original plant fibers of "cotton", which will reduce the moisture wicking effect and affect the efficacy of the product. ● Do not use the dryer: High temperatures can damage the elastic structure of the socks and affect the life of the product. ● Wash your socks without a brush Brushing the socks will evoke the surface weaving, making the surface uneven and fluffing. It is recommended to wash by hand and rinse with handcuffs so that the socks can be worn for a long time. If washing with a washing machine, it is recommended to turn the socks over and put them in a laundry bag for washing. When drying, place the elastic bundle of the socks facing up and hang it in a cool, ventilated place to dry. If the woven thread on the surface of the sock is hooked out during use, remember not to cut the woven thread. This action will cause the socks to break. 建议 Suggest reading notes before asking questions⇦ ♪The screen will have a color difference with the actual color. The actual product will prevail. If you are concerned about the color difference, please do not buy it. ♪ The design office will be shipped from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 16:00, and will not be shipped on weekends and national holidays. ♪ Super-commercial pick-up indicates that you will be in super-commercial within 48 hours after the delivery, and you will not receive the item within 48 hours. ♪ Super urgent items, please send them by home delivery, and ask for shipping time early. ♪ Cannot provide single item modification, can not provide one-piece custom OEM ♪ For more questions, please send a letter directly and we will reply in the first time. ★Designer and brand introduction Designers can search Facebook fan page Ecomax Taiwan Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan


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