Highest の Love | cinnabar black tourmaline ring designed for couple

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Highest の Love | cinnabar black tourmaline ring designed for couple


Trade Descriptions and stories || || [This limited edition design a pair of sold out no longer make money with the design, regardless of the sale] [Photo is on my bracelet, it will not change the beads, the beads will be increased according to the hand around] I hope that when we're together Become each other's children, has become each other's guardian angel No control of coquetry, inexplicable want to protect and take care of each other One anxiety to another person hold Another person also feel happy when a person happy Two souls like a body like complete Although some people say that love is blind always Although some people think it is necessary bearish Red But I still want to live in the moment, to love a I do not want to own suspicions, you do not want to suspicion That determination to know and love Because I know that love is pure and simple I like you like to forget just how you like So quietly watching Then store each other's every smile When life encounter setbacks, and you think you gave me hot milk I will be able to refuel and then a little more Because I know you from me. Pursuit of eternal sounds like a fool However, in order that you become a fool does not matter Just want to love you I just want to love you can ______________ In this design, designers use a rather special material for cinnabar, cinnabar had a chastity and loyalty of energy, let each other know their heart really wants, and guard each other. Material || || Silver accessories, black tourmaline, garnet, labradorite, cinnabar, Moonstone This combination has a full healing force, more than cleaning up the heart chakra of the body and mind mapping, the ability to increase the awareness and the ability to express feelings go out, have a great time when the burden of heart. You have to relieve through speech or writing way, crystal healing to write a diary, everything becomes clearer. || bead diameter || Men's 8mm; female models 6mm ◈ goods as a result of the macro lens and visual effects will be amplified, the actual product will be a little more detailed Custom Information || || **important: hand-customized merchandise ONE & ONLY, not to be sold later returned, please read the following instructions acceptable only to order Oh!**☺ ✔ tailor-made guest After the next set remember your notes posted around the wrist length (Make sure to tape flat against the measure does not set aside, hand stick around are subject to cost more than 18cm) ✎ Notes may be a little loose or stick hand PS. We will according to your production data and, if too loose or too tight situations need to return to re-create, artisans will be charged for line charges and freight. ◈ trade based on the time arrive within seven days, if the goods are defective can refund or exchange (does not include freight) Definition of defects: damage or deformation of the metal ornament natural crystal breakage, chipping (natural spar of inclusion Jie, black spots, Binglie, cotton and the like are left in the crystal nature of the mark, is not within the scope of defects) ◈ problem may be due to the light shine merchandise and unique texture and color of natural stone or distribution of computer display while color, such as color have questions please contact us. ◈ based on environmental considerations, we use the most simple packaging, no packaging carton! || natural crystal precautions and maintenance || 1. If you will be very concerned about scratches, please avoid collisions with other metals 2. Remember to pull down Oh bath, so as not to alter crystal color 3. Do not close to the fire and direct sunlight, mineral crystal structure when exposed to heat deterioration 4. spa and away from the detergent solution or other chemical 5. Regularly purge Crystal ✧ good friends with Crystal, stay healthy, Crystal will be more wear US ✧ Note || metal jewelry and maintenance || 1. Do not close to the fire, in order to avoid continued thermal burns 2. Do not touch the spring, black metal case sulfur will 3. Do not use free polishing silver milk, it will damage the surface of the metal jewelry, ornaments will be more readily oxidized 4. oxide yellow available silver polishing cloth can be restored light (no wet) Origin / manufacturing methods Handmade / Taiwan


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