Goody Bag - Pikka Pikka bag

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Goody Bag - Pikka Pikka bag


Pikka Pikka

Goody Bag - Pikka Pikka bag


//Pikka Pikka bag// Follow Pikka Pikka to enjoy discounted rates 喔 ► Original price 900~1580 Special price 688 ► After deducting freight 60 equals single item 314 Content: 1. All items of the museum "Any two pieces" (Shipping towel / Magic oil-absorbing face towel "Did not pick money") 2. Fine kraft paper packaging 3.Pikka Pikka exquisite special stickers (80 yuan market price) 4. Specialist Perfect Deep White Mask *1 5. Bonus: Iduz Shaw Deep Peeling Exfoliator 10g ̧..•● 功能 Functional Description❤ ●•. ̧ ̧ ̧ Japan's first facial wash cloth for 15 years Lychee Actually, I loved it so much because it was so thin that it could be squeezed dry with one hand and hung around for an hour. Even if it was used sooner or later, it would not produce bacteria or odors because it would not dry out in the bathroom. Then the material is like a thin silk scarf handkerchief, silky touch will not scratch the skin, very soft, even if used to wash eye weeks will not hook lashes, for people like me who have grafted lashes is very convenient. After using it, sometimes only wash your face with warm water can also be very clean. Since I used it to wash my face, I didn't use facial tissues to suck the water drops on my face. (After all, there will be scraps of residue. It's a bad habit.) ❤ Japan's new trend in beauty-conscious women: Microfiber fabrics ♛ Pikka Pikka is a Japanese Toray technology license. ♛ Japanese media commentary: The most suitable facial care products. ♛ Pikka Pikka skin care secret lies in the world's finest fiber (2 microns in diameter, 1/1600 in hair section)! ! <function description> A lot of bubbles can go to acne: Exfoliate, decompose fat molecules, effectively protect sweat pores and prevent acne Extraordinary washing power: In close contact with the dirt, continuously catch the dirt and swallow it into the fiber's gap Gentle cleaning: After micro-indentation, sensitive muscles are also applied. Soft warm fabric: Small Baby is also suitable for use. It is chemical-free and can be washed with clean water in the morning. <information reminder> Without any chemical treatment, only clean water can be used again. PikkaPikka's double-sided micro-cleaning cloth can be wiped clean with peace of mind. When cleaning, be careful to avoid the fibers of the outer seam line. When rubbing stubborn dirt, wipe it with water. <cleaning advice> When cleaning PikkaPikka with a cleaner, wash the detergent thoroughly and leave no residue. When ironing, follow Japanese JIS regulations and iron at low temperatures (80 C-120 C). Also applies to lens lenses, important jewelry, CD, computer, mobile phone screen, crystal, glassware, musical instruments and so on. ●Outer package size: 15 x 15 CM ● Fabric composition: 100% Polyester ● Origin / manufacturing methods: Fabric Made in Japan Origin / manufacturing methods Fabric Made in Japan


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