Mini Styling Pet-made Handmade Leather Goods

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There is also a mini version of the cute shape charm ~~ There are three styles, which are rice ball meatballs, water chestnut meatballs and small dinosaurs.


Mini Styling Pet-made Handmade Leather Goods


There is also a mini version of the cute shape charm ~~ There are three styles, which are rice ball meatballs, water chestnut meatballs and small dinosaurs. In addition to being a pendant, the name and contact phone number of the child on the back can be used as a brand name. And because it is made of full leather, it is very light and does not cause a burden on the child. //Product specifications// Size: 3.5cm in diameter Material: vegetable tanned cowhide Origin and production methods: Taiwan handmade **Plus purchase embossing service** This product is available for pet brand embossing service. Please note the following when ordering. 1.Mao's child's name: 2. Contact number: // Material characteristics and maintenance // What is vegetable tanned leather? Vegetable tanned leather, as its name implies, is made of**vegetable tanned leather**, which is a collective name for leather that is protected by plant tannic acid. It is the**oldest and most original leather tanning method**, and this type The characteristic of the leather is that its color is initially**light-skinned**, but it will gradually change from light to caramel or even deeper due to factors such as sun exposure, use time, air contact, and water. The more beautiful your leather goods are, the brighter they will be. The leather we choose is**without any surface treatment**, because cows will have**natural lines and scars**like human skin when they grow naturally, and surface processing is like makeup In the same way, all defects can be hidden, so usually**leathers with poor surface conditions need to be surface treated**, and our leathers lack the cover of chemical coatings, so we can experience the true texture of leather . Basic maintenance: We greasy vegetable-tanned leather are optional leather, are very rich oil from Italy or the Americas, at**does not require special maintenance oil to smear on maintenance**, and human skin itself secrete Grease, so**often using your leather goods is actually the best maintenance**. If you encounter water**wet**, please directly**yin dry**, if the skin is dry because of frequent contact with water, you can just apply a thin layer of leather maintenance oil,**Do not use lotions or skin care products like Vaseline**, as this may cause the pores of the leather to become clogged and cause damage to the leather. Please store the leather goods in a cool and ventilated place in the usual storage method to avoid mildew caused by mold. If mold is found, please wipe the surface mold with a dry cloth and use it often to avoid mold regeneration. //Precautions// ▼ This product is a customized product, and it will only be produced after**confirmation of payment**, working time is**7 working days (excluding holidays)**product will be sent out, there is an opportunity to advance but definitely not There is a delay,**please do not place an order if there is an urgent need**. ▼ We use leather that does not pass through the surface. Because the leather comes from natural creatures, there must be natural lines and scars on the surface. ▼ As this product uses vegetable tanned leather, its characteristic is that the color changes due to different environments and conditions of use, so the color part is based on the actual product color received. ▼ This product is made by hand, so it can't reach completely zero error in size. ▼ This product is a customized product. It cannot be returned or exchanged unless it affects the functional issues in use. If the above precautions cannot be accepted,**please consider carefully before purchasing**


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