DIY lacquer chopsticks grinding experience group (yellow-green / life chopsticks)

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• Manufactured using traditional lacquer procedures • Pure hand grinding is unique to each pair Acid and alkali, high te


DIY lacquer chopsticks grinding experience group (yellow-green / life chopsticks)


Because I do not like people like, every time I like to add something to buy something Hard hat with a trunk to be covered with stickers, bags to use legislation can be written in white, uniforms to be changed Because I do not like others, so I do it myself Guangshan trip a lifetime chopsticks each unique The use of traditional lacquer production process, the process cumbersome and time-consuming. Outer black paint using natural tree paint, Cutting from the tree, is the king of paint, waterproof antibacterial moldy. Natural paint Advantages: resistant to acid, alkali, high temperature. Dry hard texture, with super-sticky, not easy to fall off. Paint tire for the branches, with traditional processes layer by layer coated with 30 layers of paint, Each pair of paint chopsticks takes nearly a month to complete, After grinding presents a unique green level. Paint chopsticks designed for smooth surface, suitable for use as environmentally friendly chopsticks, Outside dining can be rinsed with water to dry, If there is no water, wipe paper towel slightly, Convenient and then wash, Not easy to breed bacteria, health and safety. Grinding experience group included # 320 No.1 water sandpaper -1 sheet # 600 No. 2 water sandpaper -1 sheet # 1000 No. 3 water sandpaper -1 sheet # 1500 4 water sandpaper -1 sheet Non-woven paper -1 sheet Yellow green lacquer chopsticks -1 pairs 〔Production process〕 STEP 1. First with a water sandpaper or blade will want to grind the area will be scraped, the surface black paint scratch. STEP 2. Use No. 2 water sandpaper to moisten with water and grind to your favorite depth. STEP 3. Use No. 3 water sandpaper to remove scratches. STEP 4. Finally, the use of water sandpaper No. 4 gently ground chopsticks, chopsticks ground after the matte, then use a non-woven paper with a toothpaste or abrasive paste, the chopsticks surface finish, the last dip point vegetable oil maintenance, you can complete Complete teaching video ● Material: natural wood, tree paint, polyurethane paint ● Length: about 23cm ● Caution: · Do not put in the dishwasher, dryer, oven or microwave oven and other electronic devices · Please use a soft, delicate sponge and dishwashing detergent. (It is possible to cause damage by using such ingredients as lumberjack cloth and steel brush.) · Any bad habits like bite chopsticks may cause damage Service range · In order to ensure the rights and interests of each customer, if the goods are sold without flaws, they will not be accepted for return · If human factors (such as external force caused by rupture) This product provides lifetime warranty · Maintenance days may vary depending on the situation Life chopsticks | grinding experience group (red and blue)


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