Taiwan floating water Xiao Nan (Shou Nan) essential oil 10ml ball bottle

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Taiwan Xiao Nan (Shou Nan) essential oil Taiwan Xiao Nan (Shou Nan) is commonly known as yellow meat (Taiwanese) (scientific name: Calocedrus formosana). Taiwan's ancient 谚 "一肖二豆" (Taiwanese), the first is Xiao Nanmu, the second is yew, both



Taiwan floating water Xiao Nan (Shou Nan) essential oil 10ml ball bottle


Taiwan Xiao Nan (Shou Nan) essential oil Taiwan Xiao Nan (Shou Nan) is commonly known as yellow meat (Taiwanese) (scientific name: Calocedrus formosana). Taiwan's ancient 谚 "一肖二豆" (Taiwanese), the first is Xiao Nanmu, the second is yew, both of which belong to Taiwan's conservation tree species, are Taiwan's coniferous first-class wood, Xiao Nan grows slowly, sapwood and heartwood, The distinction is not obvious. When the xylem cells begin to age in about 70 years, they will gradually separate. It has been used since the Japanese occupation era and the National Government came to Taiwan. Xiao Nan is an excellent building material, and was cut down a lot in the early years. Furniture, commonly used in household goods chest of drawers, wardrobes, suitcases and god tables, all kinds of fragrances and statues, etc., especially in the homes of early big families, is more common Xiao Nanmu furniture, and finally the government in the Republic of China 78 years of legislation Chopped, replaced by imported wood from Nanyang, Japan, the United States, etc., but the quality is still a lot worse. The number of Xiaonan is not proportional to other coniferous species, and the source is not easy, so there will be manufacturers to introduce Vietnam. Instead of citrus, the price is much cheaper. Generally, scraping boards, tapping sticks, massage sticks, wooden combs, etc., which are often seen in Guanguan District, are imported products, but the fragrance is quite sparse. For example, the first photo, the ten-dollar coin indicates the size, and the price is the price of a single bottle. Taiwan Xiaonan logs in terms of origin The material color is divided into north, south and south. The heartwood of Hsinchu is black, reddish or reddish. The texture is firm and the proportion is high. The rest are mostly red to yellow. There are Three Gorges, Fuxing Township and Zhudong in the north and Da'an River in the middle. There are Xiaonanlin in the whole area of Xueba and Shanlinxi in the upper reaches of Dajiaxi, and there are also small areas in the south, such as Kaohsiung Liugui Township or the upper reaches of the Qiang River. For those who play incense or hand beads now The first north of Xiaonan is mainly produced in Taiwan's Three Gorges and Fuxing Township. Because it is prolific on rocky cliffs, sunshine time, insufficient water, etc., it is tested under harsh growth conditions, making the tree body curved and dry. It has less water and will secrete oil itself, and it will be stored in the tree body. Therefore, the quality is heavier. The texture of the bead is dense, the water is heavy, the aroma is thick and special, and it is not volatile. So it is also known as Taiwan agarwood or Taiwan sandalwood. Xiao Nan (Shou Nan) essential oil refining Taiwan's Xiao Nanmu is much less expensive than wood, and the amount of distilled essential oil is much less than that of eucalyptus. High-temperature extraction, under the steam treatment of 500 ° C ~ 700 ° C high temperature and high pressure, can completely force out all the resin in Xiao Nan wood chips. Low-temperature refining from 100 ° C to 130 ° C, you can also take the amber-colored Xiao Nan oil, only the resin in the part of the wood chips. High-temperature extraction and low-temperature extraction are both artificial and have their own advantages. There is no right or wrong. There will be a difference in color à thickness and the amount of glue. The glue can be imagined as a smoky smell. The difference between decocted oil and oil slick à. Normal normal Xiao Nan essential oil color: From light to deep: amber à wine red à purple black The state of oil flow: Generally clear amber flow is good à wine red liquidity medium thick à purple black basically paste Shenshui Xiaonan essential oil shines in the wine red Regardless of the color, Xiaonan essential oil will have submerged water and no submerged water. The oil density of Xiaonan essential oil is higher than that of water, and it will sink. In turn, the oil density is lower than water, so it will not sink. Xiaonan essential oil If it can be stored for a period of time after quenching, it will continue to be alcoholized into a thick paste. There is also amber Xiaonan essential oil (slick oil) My personal experience sharing I will always remember the first time I smelled Shenshui Xiaonan essential oil (Shou Nan), the invincible flavor, suddenly rushed to the head, a little scared, Xiao Nan scent can be said to be the whole explosion! Why do you say this? Because of creation The relationship, I also saw sawing Xiao Nan, whether it is sinking water or general materials, the fragrance in the creative environment can only be described by the word "shuang", or the taste of eucalyptus wood is not so rich, suddenly Smelling such a strong taste, a little bit to adapt to it, the family should have Xiao Nanmu know that Xiaonan cells are rich in essential oils and lasting for a long time. After the water stains, the fragrance lasts longer, so the smell of Xiao Nanmu in the rainy day will be particularly heavy. Xiao Nanmu has always had a mysterious color in religious places. The Taoist community is very fond of it. In addition to worshipping sandalwood, it can also ward off evil. The Buddhist meditation will also burn incense for Buddha. It is said that it can calm the heart and calm the faith. Some people love the oil, with a very heavy "fashion answer" (Taiwanese) = burnt smell = smoke smell, because the resin contains aldehydes, the smell is strong and steady, more "bitter" will feel, the aroma lasts longer Longer. The oil slick contains a small amount of resin, and it will carry some traces of "Grey" (Taiwanese) = burnt smell = smoke smell, smell is fragrant, but the aroma is not long-lasting, but a lot less smoke, but no matter Nan's oil or oil scent is longer than eucalyptus essential oil. taste: Shenshui Xiao Nan (Shou Nan) essential oil taste: The layering is very rich, the first part of the bottle mouth first smell, there is a kind of Xiao Nan's bitter taste straight to the brain, not to describe, there is a gasoline-like taste, or gas flavor, some people feel that the gas station smells good, a bit rich Will make you wake up all over Floating water Xiao Nan (Shou Nan) essential oil taste: The opening of the bottle at the front of the bottle is completely different from the taste of Shennan Xiaonan. It does not describe it. It has a special "oily taste" similar to the taste of camphor and paint, but I don't like it personally. The taste is too OPEN, with a small A smoky smell. Painted on the hand: Shenshui Xiaonan (Shounan) essential oil is applied to the hands, showing a coffee-like shape, very similar to the iodine color, with a lot of burnt flavor (smoke flavor), the oil of the firewood refining will have such a phenomenon, but the individual I still like this taste very much, I miss the taste of burning straw after harvesting in the early rural rice fields. After a few minutes, there will be a very thick Xiaonan flavor with a touch of burnt flavor, which will really give you the feeling of being in the temple. Floating water Xiao Nan (Shou Nan) essential oil is applied to the hand, which will highlight Xiao Nan's clear fragrance and an "oily taste"...similar to the taste of paint After a few minutes, the taste of the paint will be dissipated, turning into a fruity, fragrant Xiaonan flavor, but there is no burnt smell. To put it bluntly, there is no feeling of being in the temple because there is no smoky flavor. If I want to describe it, I will use: Xiao Nan (Shou Nan) slick oil "scented wild release", Xiao Nan (Shou Nan) Shen oil "thick and steady" It’s a myth to sink into the water or not to sink water. I can only say that with personal preference, to tell the truth, watermelon and lotus fog are loved by everyone. “The effect is most useful.” Remember this sentence, then the individual Choose your favorite taste, choose what you like, and you will use it. Taiwan Xiaonan essential oil à scent is calm and rich, and the time of applying it to the body is several times that of eucalyptus essential oil. It can prevent mosquito bites for a long time, and the itching effect is more rapid and effective. It also has bactericidal, antibacterial, anti-mildew and anti-inflammatory effects. Simply put, the function of eucalyptus essential oil has Xiaonan essential oil, and it is a greatly upgraded version. Other functions, a bunch on the Internet, you can find it online.


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