【Limit】 Washing Travel Group | Small Package Trial Clean Moisturizing Lotion

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【Limit】 Washing Travel Group | Small Package Trial Clean Moisturizing Lotion



Gentle clean, gentle repair.

Sensitive muscle can also rely on the maintenance of washing, with a variety of mild and plant repair elements,
Add multiple essential oils soothing ingredients, give you the ultimate clean and moist and balanced good skin.

Good night Shu live Jie Mu silk 40ml
Oat Moisturizing Lotion 30ml
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Cleansing Mousse Active Ingredients

● grapefruit extract: to nourish the skin, the pores of thick, acne and improve oil secretion is very good, deep purification of the underlying skin, and the role of moisturizing and anti-aging, is a high-quality skin regulator.
● papaya extract essence: remove the metabolism of old waste horny, back to the skin healthy state.
● hyaluronic acid: currently recognized as the most effective moisturizing ingredients, moisturizing agent, fresh without burden, can absorb its own weight several times the water (water quality 1000cc / g)
● Ginkgo biloba extract: plant extracts, with flavonol glycosides, ginkgolides, ginkgo leaves and other ingredients, and to appease, calm the role of soothing skin discomfort.
● small cucumber extract: rich in vitamin C and other active ingredients, with soothing, moisturizing, soft horny, white repair and other effects, can also regulate the secretion of oil, balance the skin's PH quality!
● plant extract Shu live essential oils: add three kinds of Shujing essential oils: bergamot, geranium, sweet orange, so that wash your face is not only clean, more to achieve the effect of relaxation.


Oat Moisturizing Active Ingredients

● Oat extract essence: a moisturizing, silk-like touch in the skin surface to form an effective lock water film.
● celery extract: to protect the skin skin, to achieve deep repair effect.
● hyaluronic acid: currently recognized as the most effective moisturizing ingredients, moisturizing agent, fresh without burden, can absorb its own weight several times the water (water quality 1000cc / g)
● allantoin: moisturizing, moisturizing, so that the pores of the skin reply soft and flexible.
● reed flower and Poria extract: to soothe the skin, its composition is mild.
● natural moisturizing factor: PCA as the carrier to give the skin the necessary trace elements, promote skin metabolism, relieve tired skin condition, so that the skin self-moisturizing ability.


Add multiple plant extracts of essential oils, feel the aroma healing power.
Release the pressure, soothing repair, for you to achieve the real balance inside and outside.

● soothing | bergamot: from Italy, through the extraction of high quality essential oil, can purify the skin, especially for oily skin to help, it is the pores of the oil troubles and sensitive skin can also be used, the smell fresh and delicate, some similar to the orange Fruit and lemon with floral, can soothe the soothing mood.
● fresh | geranium: from Egypt to extract its essence of flowers and leaves, a master of balance known as geranium, can balance the secretion of sebum to make the skin more full, mild texture so that sensitive skin can also feel its regulatory effect, so that skin glossy Delicate, complex roses and fresh lees and with sweet, can be stable mood, people restore the inner soft and stable.
● Gentle | sweet orange: can promote skin metabolism, whitening, balance skin acid and alkali, moisturizing, all kinds of skin types are applicable to improve the skin dry and prevent the occurrence of fine lines and other repair has a good effect, its fresh and strong citrus Incense, bring a comfortable sense of healing.


▶ Applicable ethnic groups: All skin types are suitable (oily muscle, mixed muscle, dry muscle) dull muscle, mature muscle, sensitive muscle, can be used
▶ Oat Moisturizing Lotion Usage: 1. After cleansing the face, dip in the cotton pad and pat on the whole face to absorb it. 2. Apply the cotton pad to the moisturizing lotion
▶ Cleansing Mousse Use: Take appropriate amount in the palm of your hand to gently clean the facial skin in a rounded way and clean with water.
This product can clean the mild make-up (such as sunscreen, isolation, CC, BB cream, etc.), as long as the usual use of the amount of twice and can be massage, waterproof makeup or eye makeup recommended with professional makeup products.
▶ Capacity: 150ml
▶ Note: After use or after use, if there are redness, itching and other abnormalities, please stop using, it is recommended to consult your dermatologist.
▶ This product is certified by SGS 8
▶ Origin / Manufacturing: Origin Taiwan
▶ North City Healthcare No. 105120412
Origin / manufacturing method


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