"Shell" series - Black Bottom chemical pattern (hard shell) Original Phone Case / Cover iPhone / Samsung / HTC / Sony / LG

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"Shell" series - Black Bottom chemical pattern (hard shell) Original Phone Case / Cover iPhone / Samsung / HTC / Sony / LG


Since each hand polishing machines are handmade, so the position of computer typesetting and handmade vary so there may be small deviations promise all to prevail in kind. However, not much difference!

Q1: Will the phone shell dirty can I do?
Our product is waterproof material scratch Oh! Dirty wash with water as long as you can! Be careful not to use Firewater, poison things clean water, wet wipes, etc. containing the chemical composition of the wipe, because it is possible for products made damage.

Q2: Will the phone shell will not fade?
Use our phone shell for 3 years and will not fade under normal circumstances, so long as you 'loyal' 'Oh, no problem!

Q3: Will be able to plans to order?
Yes, we absolutely do not mind customized, as long as you offer to do pattern picture on it

Q4: Will the production time how long?

We each hand polishing machines are handmade, and so are not like machine-like good production so quickly
Usually crust production time is about 5-7 working days to complete (excluding holidays), and soft shell because the process a little more time to make relatively little longer to complete about 10-15 business days or so (excluding holidays)
If you can not wait for the [] or [hurry] friends, please also consider, where appropriate, under the single!

Q5: Will be added characters?
Can Oh! Each phone shell can add your name or favorite phrase.
Any lettering words, only needs $ 10HKD (about NT $ 45), if you need to add the word, please additionally available:

Q6: Is there any texture choose?
Currently we have only hard shell Glossy / Matte choice, matte soft-shell only choice.
Smooth - reflective surface (suitable for family photos / pet photo / HD patterns, etc.)
Scrub - non-reflective matte feel good oh
Matte - often not reflective sip hands down choice for this phone a friend!

Q7: Is there cash on delivery?
Sorry! There is no cash on delivery service, because we will not pay your goods are produced.

Q8: Will be shipped in what way?
We currently have two kinds of shipping method
- Taiwan will be sent using the SF Express, the first item shipping is $ 55HKD (about $ 220-240NT), then do not pay extra shipping per item
- Hong Kong / Macau will be sent by ordinary post to Hongkong Post, 2-14 working days after the buyer pays sent risk
As fear lost in the mail, in addition can also contact the designer + $ 22HKD sent back to SF Express SF store Pickup  send 2-3 business days for delivery.

Q9: Under what circumstances before return?

If you experience the following problems merchandise, model / tailored content wrong or not on the set
Please do not worry! Apart from anything else we can do for you are solely responsible for refund or replacement services.
(A) goods are obvious flaws (small friction, not to nitpick, etc.)
Note 1: The goods can pull through international calls involving transportation, customs inspection, it is inevitable there will be a little collision collision collision.
If you belong to a perfectionist who can not accept all of the above, please also consider, where appropriate, under the single!

Default hair hard shell - if not Remark glossy / matte, design their own private will give you pick a texture to produce.
If you need soft-shelled friends, please private letter I check the price and give you a link soft shell, thank you!
Origin / manufacturing methods
Made in Hong Kong


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