Gentle Heart / Natural Stone x Brazilian Silk Wax Line Bracelet

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Purple Lithium, Amethyst and Labradorite are important healing stones that can help clean up negative energy. With their gentle energy, they clean up the inner and the mind's annoyance, and let the mind return to freedom and clarity.



Gentle Heart / Natural Stone x Brazilian Silk Wax Line Bracelet


❖Material: Purple Lithium Kunzite x Labradorit x Amethyst x Brass x Brazilian silk wax line ❖ total length: telescopic section, 14cm~18cm, can be adjusted according to personal preference length When the brass is in contact with moisture or after normal use, it will naturally oxidize into an antique color. Just wipe it with copper oil or silver cloth to restore the original. Please confirm the characteristics of brass before buying. ❖Every natural stone is unique, and the cloud and color will be different. This is the characteristics of natural stone. Please accept it again. -------------------------------------------------- --------------------- Gemstone Story: Purple Lithium Kunzite: Purple Lithium contains a lot of lithium, which is the lightest element that can help us improve our energy. In the healing of crystals, it is recognized as the most important healing stone that can relieve stress, release negative energy, and comprehensively improve energy quality. The purple spodumene corresponds to the heart wheel and can heal the hidden or unknown emotions in the heart. Labradorit: Labradorite is a monoclinic gemstone that provides positive energy support after absorption of negative energy. He is also good at assisting us in healing the pains of the past in the process of transformation, or trying to change but failing. Amethyst Amethyst Amethyst has a large amount of iron, which can protect the magnetic energy field. It can help clear the negative energy that is blocked in the body or spirit, especially for the brain and peripheral nerves. It can completely purify the energy and help the brain. Energy is therefore also known as the "stone of lucidity" or "stone of wisdom." ❖ Cleaning method: If the bright color of the rope is dirty after wearing for a long time, it can be dampened and then washed with a small toothbrush. Gently scrub along the texture to restore the original color. ❖ rope features: Silk wax line is a very special rope in braided rope accessories. Water resistant, durable, no fading, no odor, It can be worn on the body for a long time, and it is not necessary to take off the bath. More durable than most metal materials. Silk wax line originated in South America. Due to its tough and meticulous weaving technique, It is one of the main jewelry materials in the hippie culture. The best quality silk wax line is from Brazil. The quality of Thai silk silk wax, which is common in Taiwan, is very different in quality. Brazilian silk wax line has a very complete color. Each string is also woven, It is softer, durable and durable than the Thai wax line (or continental wax line) that has not been woven. Japan’s silk wax line is also imported from Brazil. We are far from the silk wax line imported from Brazil. Adhere to the best quality of braided rope jewelry.


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