Moroccan Color Camel Bag Beneath under the Orange Blossom Tree II

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When the car passed through the same year, Banimara, the mother seemed to hear the laughter with her. It was in the afte


モロッコ ミントティー

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Moroccan Color Camel Bag Beneath under the Orange Blossom Tree II


The design of the colored camel bag comes from the colors of various cities and regions in Morocco.
The color of this bag was inspired by the story told by my Moroccan mother.

More than 60 years ago, she met her best friend in Barney Mara. She only said that it was the season of orange blossom. She and her best sisters are talking about the orange flower road that goes through the water intake every day. .
Until that day, the parents gave her to her cousin, she did not have time to stay and chat, my mother said that it was the last time to meet her orange flower road, her face was filled with sweet and sweet petals Aroma.

Because she didn't need to raise water, she went to her mother's house to chat, until her mother married the day when Dad moved away from Banimara.

**Camel bag family, the same size specifications**
The surrounding woven leather rope is colored, the totem is hand-colored, and the aka color camel.

Moroccan handmade leather, bring classic totem to your daily wear

Moroccan handmade leather embossing
Just the right size, put down the iphone6s plus can also put down the long clip, coin purse, key, handkerchief toilet paper.

**About|Moroccan leather Moroccan**
Morocco Morocco; Moroccan In addition to being Moroccan, the term "professional leather" means that the Moroccan leather is a delicate and flexible animal leather of Moroccan specialties. Because of its high-quality hand and saturated and delicate color, it has been used by Europeans since the 16th century to make ladies' gloves and shoes. It is also used to make luxurious book covers, wallets, luggage suitcases, etc. Visually it is usually saturated red, blue, black, green; the feel is excellent soft but strong and durable. Adhere to the cheaper modern leather-making method, all the leather parts of the Camel brand mint tea use the traditional millennium tanning technology, and the hand is not only leather, but also the essence of historical humanities.

21 cm wide / 18 cm high / 7.5 cm thick

- Just received the leather will be harder. After use, the Moroccan leather will gradually become softer, the color may be slightly deeper, the surface will be brighter, and the more you look, the more pleasing your eyes.
- Fresh Moroccan leather bag just received, there may be a thick 'Moroccan taste', dehumidification can dilute the taste, or let her go, and the smell will fade.
- Moroccan leather is dyed by non-scale industrial products. The friction with water may decolor the dyed leather. Please be careful not to carry the rain!
- No special maintenance is required. If you insist on maintenance, use a general cow leather care cream.
- The bags are all made by Moroccan uncles, aunts, naked eyes, hand-made, small size differences, small scratches caused by leather surface treatment, leather birthmarks, uneven color dyed by hand, and uncut seams. You may find the manual differences between these masters and the traces of the Shanghai style. Because of this, all bags are unique, only one!! If a good friend wants to buy two of the same, you can personally contact us, but I can only find materials to do it for you. Because each one looks different, this is our Moroccan-style romance. We dare not expect everyone to understand and love it, but we are passionately recommending to you who love crafts, love one-of-a-kind and love Morocco.




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