Brut Cake handmade ceramic – smiley face mug 240ml (8) , hand drawn face pottery cup. A great gift idea !

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Brut Cake

Brut Cake handmade ceramic – smiley face mug 240ml (8) , hand drawn face pottery cup. A great gift idea !


A creative and warm mug to make you and him/her smile Great idea for Mother’s Day, Father’ Day, someone’s Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas…...whenever you need to buy a gift ! [ about Brut Cake ] Brut Cake’s ceramic works are mostly handcrafted. We love simple and imperfect creations, and every piece of pottery art from Brut Cake comes with its own unique personality. A portion of unglazed clay brings the feel of soil and nature earth, and an artist fingerprint expresses her spirit. A large portion of Brut Cake creation incorporates delightful hand-painted images, which brings life to each and every piece created. Brut Cake also delight in mixing different materials to expand our horizons, and explore new possibilities for pottery making. [Specification] Size : diameter 7cm x height 7cm Capacity : approx. 240 ml Color : light beige Please understand that the actual color might be slightly different than what you see via your screen. [ design / function ] When you look at the mug, does the smiley face looks familiar ? Maybe it looks like your family member ? A good friend ? You love? Or yourself ! Each of our face mug represents its unique personality, and also brings an emotional connection and imagination between users. When every time you use it, look at the smiling face, it will give you in a good mood all day ! We reserve the bottom of the mug unglazed tile, as the touch of a bridge between the nature of the soil and user. All the mugs were fired in kilns at a temperature of over 1210 degrees, ok for oven, micro-wake oven, can be wash in dish washer. [ note ] Due to the characteristic of clay soil, when the mug is still hot, better not immediately rinse or soak in cold water, it is to avoid line cracks inside the mug. However, even if the line cracks appear, the mug is still non-toxic and safe to use. Handmade in Shanghai


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