chocolat R Handmade Bonbon Gift Box (4pcs / box)

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8g x 4
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Different from the general department store chocolate taste, try chocolat R staff handmade chocolate, raspberry / Guyana


chocolat R

chocolat R Handmade Bonbon Gift Box (4pcs / box)


About design: We tried a lot of formula, in order to be different from the general department store counters, still use the expensive Valrhona as a chocolate material, and imported chocolate hard to do fresh ingredients to make chocolate Bonbon, the combination of love as the theme, want to perform a lot People experience the four stages of love - ups and downs, so there are always four flavors of Valentine's Day music design, with raspberry, cocoa, coffee, ginger four flavors represent the sour, sweet, bitter, spicy four movements, Everyone has their own story of love story, different people taste these few flavors may have different stories, please share with our lover, especially for your taste modulation of love! About food feeling: The Bonbon entrance with Valrhona is full of layers of sensation, except the intense cocoa aroma gives a slightly bitter but full mouthfeel, followed by the slightly acidic top cocoa and the smooth tongue Velvet feel, which is because of the content of the senior cocoa butter-induced feeling, and finally only the deep chocolate in the mouth after a long wandering in the throat, lips and tongue still keep clean and fresh, this is the ultimate chocolate brought minimalist feeling . White Valentine's Day small gift box contains 4 works described as follows: Mozart's first movement Allegro moderato sweet and sour snack plate> Raspberry, grapefruit, Valrhona Guanaja 70% bitter black chocolate A slightly fruity French Valrhona Guanaja 70% bitter dark chocolate, with raspberry acidity and citrus aftertaste of grapefruit, the mouth is enriched with sweet and sour taste like a violin to coordinate the performance of the first spring of. The second movement Adriatic Sea Adagio Bitter Slow Edition> Coffee, Sea Salt, Valrhona Guanaja 70% Bitter Dark Chocolate Espresso Espresso low sense of taste and fruity flavor Valrhona Guanaja 70% slightly bitter dark chocolate perfect harmony, decorated with sea salt to slow the sweet, like a cello whispered. The third movement Aztec Allegro Spicy Allegro> Ginger, Apple, Valrhona Nyangbo 68% Bitter Dark Chocolate With a ginger aromas of sweet, sour apples and 68% of Valrhona Nyangbo with spicy notes from the south of Ghana, chocolate reaches its climax after spicy spicy flavors and finally resumes in bitter aftertaste calm. The fourth movement of the heart of Guyana Pure Sweet Pure> Valrhona Guanaja 70% Bitter Dark Chocolate On Guanaja, an offshore island off Honduras, Columbus landed on the island on July 30, 1502. VALRHONA is one of the most powerful Grand Cru chocolates, taking this legendary name. This is Valrhona's best-known top manor chocolates, with a floral aroma of South America Criollos cocoa mixed with the upper rare rare Caribbean Trinitarios cocoa beans, is a slightly acidic with unique personality dark chocolate , Mellow with a floral aroma, cheek teeth fragrant, we will be made of this unique cocoa heart, representing the pure love. storage method: Our Bonbon chocolate is fresh ingredients now, save a relatively short shelf life, refrigerated for a week, the most suitable chocolate tasting temperature is about 5-15 degrees Celsius. Drink with recommendations: suitable with light coffee, whiskey, tea, sour juice. **Brand story** **Let the food return to the original beautiful** ROCOCO was born to restore the original flavor of food, using the original materials back to life, the resurrection of traditional and more complex technology was born in Taiwan professional chocolate guru brand. It is hoped that the teacher's talents will be applied to the development of better baking technologies, not only to reduce costs, but also to make Taiwan's flavor more like a century-old look brought back to Taiwan for dessert. **Chocolate staff, life hung life** Dessert chef has more than 10 years of baking experience, solid baking technology, as a five-star hotel dessert division, not only to participate in the international chocolate contest several times, and in Japan to study orthodox Fu Fona training courses back to Taiwan, hoping to use in this studio Five-star hotel are prohibitive of high-level ingredients to restore the dessert should have some professionalism, people return to the first taste of sweet and moving. **Media introduction**  Ppaper Magazine - Not popular, for a lifetime in exchange for the persistence of taste  Taste taste Taste- Chocolate cake touched by a meal  20 30 40 Magazine - NO COCO NO LIFE! Feel the soothing magic of top chocolate *Delicious chocolate cake, as soft as feather, but also full of life, like life ... No Coco No Life!* Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan by hand, subject to production


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