Noble bamboo / kettle thermos retractable free special version of a second instant collection of blue sea lotus

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▎The first one can be loaded with "Guizhu / Telescopic Free Bag" "Anti-tilt, anti-side leakage, anti-scalding", "fashion reduction, portable taste" ▎ Pure hand-made machines can't replace 180 holes per drill and then wear



Noble bamboo / kettle thermos retractable free special version of a second instant collection of blue sea lotus


**"Fashion reduction, portable taste"** Hello, we are the original life of Olife. This is a sagacious design, "Permanent everyday good made with Taiwanese original bamboo." The first "can be equipped with any beverage container cup" is fashionable, natural and environmentally friendly. The versatile cycle, "Guizhu / telescopic free bag". We want to subvert your everyday life and make it more stylish and innovative. **The first one can be loaded with "Guizhu / Telescopic Free Bag"** **▎Flexible and flexible "anti-tilt and anti-side leakage anti-scalding"** **▎The world's first exclusive patent "Guizhu wearing rope aesthetics, anti-tilt and anti-side leakage" structure** 【Patent No. M575439】 Olife created the world's first elastic structure with Taiwan's laurel bamboo pieces, which are connected in series and stretched out. From the inside out, from top to bottom, every small detail, the side design brass double round ear hooks, the grip ribbon can be "360° rotation", when you go shopping, take a bunch of bags, so that you no longer Worried about the anecdote of the drink rollover. **▎贵竹 / "Let 妳 gracefully turn around"** "The 360° rotation can maintain the unbiased vertical of the cup regardless of how it is placed." Whenever you buy a drink, your hand is just holding another bag or bag. Is it like a normal person? Let 妳 no longer worry about the anecdote of the drink rollover. **▎贵竹 / "Let you pass the size"** Through the hole in the bamboo and then into the elastic rope, you can use the elastic and flexible, you can put it in any shape and size of the beverage container. **▎贵竹/ "The second webbing can enlarge the medium and small kettles"** In order to facilitate the accommodation of all the cups and beverage containers on the market. We have ingeniously changed the second strip that can be long or short. When it comes to a straight container with a full circle up or down and a full square shape and a square shape, as long as the second strip is pressed down, it can be used as a base. Prevent slipping, and adjust the length according to the size of the kettle. **▎ [Add a second long and short webbing]**When the square container is encountered, press the second strip down and adjust the length to the base to prevent it from slipping. **▎贵竹 / Anti-scalding insulation** Through the natural thickness of natural bamboo, it can effectively achieve the best heat insulation and anti-scalding effect, no longer wasteful use, one-time anti-ironing corrugated paper. **▎贵竹 "I have a sense of comparison. Tilt & vertical"** When you take 2 cups together, you don't have to worry about coffee coming out. **▎贵竹 / Let you "freely insert"** Good storage, easy to fold, will not occupy your bag space, you can also put your pockets. The cross-elastic rope of the tandem bamboo piece, because of the large elasticity of the telescopic, as long as it is pulled up at random, each cross section can be inserted into the straw at will, without deliberately making the socket of the straw. **▎贵竹 / Retractable free bag full range of albums** **The light of the green leaves / the most beautiful birthday gift** Her in your heart is worth the most special gift! We are working hard to replace the excess packaging, so that gifts or goods can try not to use disposable packaging materials, and the possibility of zero/disposal, because excessive packaging is actually a waste of resources. **Deconstruction and Separation: The aesthetic design of the natural beauty** We make good use of the characteristics of Taiwan's laurel bamboo, and split the whole bamboo and re-series it. Because the bamboo structure itself is circular, if it is not subjected to high-frequency heat treatment and flattening by artificial destruction, it will fit the shape of the cup container. . The bamboo arc of the natural world does not need to be artificially shaped, the cross mechanics of the rope, in order to strive for perfection, it is ingenious to conceal the end of the line, so that the finished product can not see the end of the thread. **▎Key copper heart lock: anti-tilt and anti-side leakage** Let the grip webbing "360° rotate", no longer afraid to carry more than 2 bags. The bag made of general material will make the beverage slant side leakage whenever it is hung on the side. **▎贵竹 / Perpetual cycle is not wasted "Where is it bad? Where to change!"** We think that the daily cycle can be avoided. If the hardware accessories, the handle belt, the elastic rope, and the bamboo bamboo piece are broken or broken, you can directly change the single item instead of the entire product. It will cause excessive waste of resources. The main structure of the product, natural Taiwanese laurel can be directly decomposed by the soil environment, friendly environmental protection, we can use "a piece of bamboo for the earth to smile." **▎贵竹 / mildew and splash-proof natural painting** The whole piece of bamboo is coated with 2 layers of anti-flooding natural coating, and then the bamboo green bamboo layer is preserved. It is like a natural smooth nano layer, so that it will not adhere to tea and dirt, and it can also effectively prevent mildew. **▎ complex process / high temperature hot water dazzle color** The exclusive water dyeing method produces a soft and multi-colored gradation of bamboo, rather than a single dull color on the market for general paints and advertising pigments. **▎ 3 times 6 hours = 18 hours high temperature baking sterilization** After water dyeing, it must be subjected to two times of progressive high temperature, dehydration, baking and sterilization. After the natural painting, the bamboo will absorb the water again, and the above process must be done again. It takes 18 hours to be a golden work. **▎贵竹 / wearing rope aesthetics** Repeated practice has repeatedly cut down and re-trained, constantly thinking about how to calculate, the round-trip cross-rope technique, and the conversion of the number of holes in the bamboo drill. The cross-weaving and stringing technique, in addition to being stronger, is not easy to lose elasticity, and is more aesthetically versatile in design. We want to create a concept of "everything" **▎天大地大 “有容乃大”** We need a daily good product that can accommodate and accommodate many things of the same size. It can combine fashion aesthetics, taste and texture, natural circulation, good storage, durability, and not easy to be dirty, and a variety of multi-color "Guizhu telescopic free bag". **I hope that I can accompany you in the [when you travel near the distance, you have different good moods every day].** **▎贵竹 / Retractable free bag full range** **❖原竹青竹红竹紫竹:** Purely hand-made machines can't replace 68 holes per drill and then wear the rope. **Shui Shui Dyeing Monochrome: Mojin, Xiaohong, Zhulan** Purely hand-made machines can't replace 68 holes per drill and then wear the rope. **❖ Gradually water stained two colors: red brick, blue sea, purple lotus, dream** Purely hand-made machines can't replace 68 holes per drill and then wear the rope. Exclusive water-dyed multi-thick dyeing method to create a soft and gradual layer of bamboo. **❖ carved gradual water dyed two-color: Taiwan old window flower purple plum, Hanmei** Purely hand-made machines can't replace 100 holes per drill and then wear the rope. Each bamboo piece needs to be finely ground by hand, and then laser-engraved and hand-finished. **❖Wedding boutique phoenix crown poncho** My close friends got married, but I don’t know what special and practical gifts to send? **❖Wedding boutique [white promise]** **▎客家花布系列** **▎ noble bamboo / kettle thermos special edition** Purely hand-made machines can't replace 180 holes per drill and then wear the rope. Kettle thermos dedicated / indescribable chaos in order, wearing rope aesthetics, Not much to say; I believe that you can feel the difficulty and complexity of it. ❖ Bihai even days.铿锵 roses a total of 2 **▎Olife bamboo image design base with 5 webbing** ❖Black Purple ❖Black Red ❖米白黄❖Black Water Blue ❖Black Yellow ▎Can be purchased for adjustable length, second strip, 5 styles **▎ Features once again organized:** Innovation | Taiwan's first patent of "Guizhu telescopic free belt". Practical | Any beverage container that is commercially available can be loaded. Function | No need to clean, easy to fold, storage is not too space. Reform | Subvert your old thinking about bamboo and bags. Loop | Unlimited reuse, friendly daily care. Health | No heavy metal, non-toxic, harmless, and reduced plasticity. Design | Exclusive original design, made in Taiwan. Material | Taiwan native soil long bamboo. ▎贵竹 / Retractable free belt:**Mr.Banboo Taiwan handmade glasses** O "Olife original life Hong Yanchu, is the master of Mr. Banboo Taiwanese handmade glasses, has the passion for handmade, try all kinds of possibilities, hope to combine bamboo with daily necessities" Hope that environmental protection is not just a slogan, but from everyday life In practice, I hope that through a bamboo, everyone will be encouraged to have a more friendly environment. **❖ Let the pace of life return to the original, the original living environment, so that the plastic is no longer overuse, so that the mood can be temporarily relaxed, feel the return to the 50s, the slow pace at that time.** **▎Reliable and realistic / feel creating team** Many traditional sunset industries in Taiwan need everyone's support. Mr. Banboo Taiwan handmade glasses, Olife original life, Zhushan Hongyuan bamboo processing factory, Taichung skin shop hand-creation hall, Changhua Xiangfu ribbon, and various family OEMs. We will continue to work hard to create more and better environmentally friendly products. Thank you all!


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