Sun Moon Lake Tea Planting Beauty Handmade Soap

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Sun Moon Lake Tea Facial Beauty Soap - Skin Rejuvenation/Improve Damp/Cleanse Conditioning


Sun Moon Lake Tea Planting Beauty Handmade Soap


Sun Moon Lake Tea Facial Beauty Soap - Skin Rejuvenation/Improve Damp/Cleanse Conditioning Handmade soap formula and then upgrade!! The price is unchanged and the quality is better!! Botanical extract formula concentration upgrade allows you to wash your face and maintenance in one go!! Long-term use ~ Skin Water Dangdang ~ Tender and tender:) **Suitable for skin: Neutral / dry muscle / mature muscle** Organic raw materials in Taiwan, produced in Taiwan. Size and weight description: 6x6x3cm, 100±10g. Ingredients: Coconut oil, olive oil, wheat germ oil, shea butter, Sun Moon Lake black tea (extract), fennel, rosemary (essential oil). Usage: in the hands of water rubbing foam (better use of bubble bags), for the body to clean, feel refreshed after washing, easy to clean. Precautions: Keep in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight or moisture. Handmade soap introduction: ※Strictly select the top black tea in Nantou Sun Moon Lake, and extract it into soap at low temperature. Its extraction is rich in polyphenols, caffeine, theophylline and vitamin C, E, K and other rich elements, and has good anti-oxidation and dull skin improvement. Useful for tired muscles or stressed skin , can enhance the skin's self-protection ability. ※ Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil and shea butter and other valuable oils from West Africa are used as the base of the soap, and the cold process (Cold Process) completely preserves the nutrients of vegetable oil and glycerin to nourish the skin. ※ Sun Moon Lake red tea color red tea, tea glycol, extracted into the soap, the shower emits a touch of tea, pleasant aroma, healing body and mind. ※ For all products, vegetable oil does not use palm oil. For the sake of the next generation environment, please refuse to buy soap from merchants who add palm oil. Your little insistence will make our tomorrow more beautiful. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade Pure, empty stick: 1. Low-temperature production (from the European traditional cold method): The purely vented handmade soap is a cold-made handmade soap, which is produced at a low temperature of 40°C, and completely retains more than 95% of the vegetable oil's nutrients (for example, glycerin). The plant extracts and essential oils added during the process can effectively retain their natural effects. 2. Does not contain perfume, paraben, surfactant, and chemical pigments, so that the skin is not burdened (especially sensitive skin), and the water after bathing can be naturally decomposed when it flows into the sea and land. It will not cause harm to the environment. The use of bath products containing fragrances and preservatives for a long period of time has pointed out that it is easy to increase the risk of carcinogenesis. In particular, long-term use of women has increased the chance of getting breast cancer. 3. Based on the spring water of Nantou Puli, Taiwan's flowers and plants are the main characters, and raw materials are produced locally. 4. Use advanced vegetable oils, such as: cold-pressed virgin olive oil, organic shea butter in West Africa, and wheat germ oil with good antioxidant properties. 5. The whole product is tested by SGS. The product does not contain heavy metal residues. 6. Professional perfumer's special combination of essential oils and fragrances, so that the bath can be a kind of enjoyment. The plant essential oil itself has energy, not just simply providing aroma. 7. No artificial color is added. The natural color of handmade soap comes from natural slime. The slime itself also has the ability to absorb dirt and deep cleansing. 8. Whole product vegetable oil does not use palm oil. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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