:: Tattoo / Tattoo Sticker :: Mr. Fox 2 into original hand painted | PAPERSELF

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:: Tattoo / Tattoo Sticker :: Mr. Fox 2 into original hand painted | PAPERSELF



[Fox Fox]

Someone said I was very cunning
But actually I did not

I am very smart
I am very charming
My love is pure

Someday you come to the forest
Incidentally with some mushrooms
We play hide and seek together


❤ hand-painted design for the fox and mushrooms show a soft and vivid sense of temperature
❤ color level so that totem more three-dimensional
❤ bronzing embellishment let totem presents a different gloss in every angle
❤ a pack with a variety of different sizes can be a variety of totem with the effect of totem

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

【 Product Size】

❤ Product content / pack contains two
❤ Product size / approx. 10.1 cm x 10.1 cm
❤ Brand Country / London, UK

- - - - - - - - - - - - -
【 product manual】

1. Determine the likes of the pattern after it cut it
2. the skin on the emulsion, hand cream and sunscreen, etc. ... clean up, so as not to affect the paste effect
3. Remove the transparent plastic film from the tattoo sticker
4. With reference to the back of the watermark pattern selected to be affixed to the location, the pattern face down close to the skin, the more the effect of the better clothes
5. Dip the tattoo stickers with water and gently press for about 30 seconds (please be patient)
6. Carefully remove the back paper and then gently use cold water on the pattern to show the best results
7. Repeat the above steps with other unused patterns on the skin to create a unique, eye-catching jewelry!

❤ how to clear:
Use baby oil on the pattern and wait for about 10 seconds, then wipe with a cotton pad to remove.


❤ Product safety:
* Non-toxic, safe and not allergic
* Suitable for use over 3 years old.


❤ Note:
1. Do not use in the wound, eczema, eye, sensitivity and any skin allergies to the adhesive
2. When the children use the adults to accompany, only for external use
3. If you are unwell, please stop using it
4. Please place dry and cool to avoid deterioration.

▲ ▲ PAPERSELF All creations and pictures have intellectual property protection, fake must. ▲ ▲

Origin / manufacturing method
London Design / Made in China

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【 Brand Concept】

PAPERSELF is a brand from the UK, designed to create a personal charm of the "Body Art" has been the main design starting point. Most of the works are designed by the PAPERSELF team and the guest independent designers, through a painting containing the temperature of the works, hoping to become your life wear, your jewelry, and even your mood.

PAPERSELF tattoo stickers attach great importance to the use of color and delicate details, in the colorful saturation of the benchmark to join with the market different gold, silver trim more to bring out the totem of texture, after numerous links of the perfect combination of achievements of these Small and exquisite fashion art, is to find a unique personal style special you.


We believe that in so many totems, there will always be a resonance with you!
Welcome to share with us at Instagram @paperself_tw :)

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