Guardian Stone Tiger-Postcard Badge Sticker

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Shihu is the only remaining wild cat in Taiwan. It is made into postcards, badges and stickers. After the sale, it will donate part of the income to the "Shihu Conservation Association". I hope I can use my little power to make more Many people know Shi Hu, know their current plight, and guard Shi Hu together! ♡


Guardian Stone Tiger-Postcard Badge Sticker


ฅ (̳ • · ̫ • ̳ ฅ) ♡ I ’m a stone tiger. I ’m the only wild cat in Taiwan. This land is my home. ꕀ The stone tiger is also known as a lynx, and its appearance and habits are easily confused with other felines. There have been reports that some people mistakenly think that it is an ordinary kitten. Before 2000, Shi Hu was regarded by the farmer as a kind of "sneak-eating chicken". In addition to dog prevention, he also used poison bait and beast sting to kill and capture habitat damage caused by excessive excavation. Let these precious animals gradually decrease, and the stone tigers in many areas gradually disappeared or migrated elsewhere, and road killings were frequent when crossing the road. Although each stone tiger has a common appearance, it has a different personality. Maybe in this life we can only see Shihu through various TV and Internet images, but this is probably a good thing, to keep Shihu away from human beings in the nature, to have an undisturbed life, to make them look like , Stay in our collective memory of life through the brush. ꕀ I made postcards, badges, and stickers this time. After the sale, I will donate part of the income of the products to the "Shihu Conservation Association." I hope that I can use my little power to let more people know the Shihu and their current plight. And guard Shihu together! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) و ♡ ✦Postcard size: about 10.5 x 15 cm size ✦Postcard material: 240P Chi Mei paper that feels comfortable and easy to write (similar to ivory paper texture, cotton feels warm) (The manuscript was drawn with colored pencils, retaining my favorite strokes, I hope you can feel the warmth of hand-painting :) ✦ Badge size: 4.4cm diameter circle Badge material: matte plastic, the pin on the back is iron ✦ Sticker size: about 6.5x5 cm, each sticker is cut out by hand, the size and shape are slightly different ✦ Sticker material: Sticker material is PVC, thick matte, waterproof, scratch-resistant, durable material ~ 咛 Little Ding 咛: Because the light and shadow and the color of each screen display are different, the color is slightly different from the actual product. Please buy it if you don't mind! ✦ If you have any questions, please click "Contact Designer" ~ :) / Text from: @wacomtaiwan Website /


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