All Natural Pet Handmade Soap - Hair Nourishment

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You have changed a lot of natural mild scouring hair, is there a problem with the dog's skin and hair?? Try different options for the baby's skin condition.




All Natural Pet Handmade Soap - Hair Nourishment


**The product comes with a foaming net, which is convenient**
Made for healthy and plump hair. The hair nourishing special soap uses more than 15 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines, including Ziyun cream with anti-inflammatory and itching, detoxifying and myogenic effects, and camellia oil rich in nutrients, which can strengthen the hair roots and restore hair to abundance and fluffiness.

**common problem**
Q: How to use?
A: Put the COMELL on the foaming net until it foams, you can start to help the baby bath!
In addition, it can be cut into two equal parts for use, which can extend the use time.

Q: How to save?
A: If you open COMELL and use it, you need to use it within six months.
Unopened COMELL can be stored in a cool place, and the used COMELL and foaming nets are placed on a towel rack for storage.

Q: How long can a COMELL last?
A: Based on small adult dogs, it takes about two to three months to take two baths a week.

Q: See spots on COMELL
A: The spots seen on COMELL are free fatty acids produced by manual ripening.
It is represented by natural handmade soap, and because the raw materials are all plants, they will have different colors depending on the environment and the time of ripening.
(PS. In addition, if the position of the handmade soap is too moist, the surface layer will continue to precipitate more oil spots, which will have a little taste but is harmless to the skin. It can be partially removed during the storage period and placed in a drier position to continue to use. .)

Q: Why do you think that the fragrance of COMELL will gradually disappear?
A: Because the aroma of COMELL natural handmade soap is a natural extract, the soap flavor added with artificial flavor is stronger and longer lasting.
But it will cause irritation to the dog's skin and smell; COMELL's aroma level will not burden the dog, the effect of the essential oil is also appropriate for the dog, so no other spices are used.

**Product details**
**Product Name: Soap**
**Weight: 100g (aqueous) / 90g (after drying)**

**main ingredient:**
**FOR Baby**
Coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, shea butter, oatmeal powder
**Trouble Care**
Coconut oil, palm oil, laurel oil, virgin avocado oil, grape seed oil, evening primrose oil, locust leaf, tea tree, blue gum eucalyptus, lavender, lemon
**Hair Nutrition**
Coconut oil, palm oil, bitter tea oil, purple cloud cream, castor bean oil, lavender, tea tree, rosemary, cedar
**For Moisture**
Coconut oil, palm oil, rapeseed oil, evening primrose oil, rice bran oil, indigo, lavender, sweet orange, mountain vine, patchouli

**Be careful when using:**
If the skin is in use, such as itching, swelling, irritation, etc., please stop using it.
If you accidentally touch your eyes, please wash with water.
Do not place in a place that is easy for young children and children to take.


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