Turquoise Ring - Gemstone Ring

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Blue green crystal turquoise.. Turquoise is used as a talisman to protect the safety of travel and to avoid problems!



Turquoise Ring - Gemstone Ring


Blue green crystal turquoise.. Turquoise, also known as "Turkey" even though it is not produced in Turkey, It's said that this name came from turquoise being conveyed to Europe via Turkey. Turquoise was worshiped as "the stone where the god of the heavens lives" among native Americans. It is also called Sky Stone. Turquoise is used as a talisman to protect the safety of travel and to avoid problems. If you are traveling afar, studying abroad or traveling on business ... Ideal for amulet when going on a journey. 【Material】 925 Sterling Silver Turquoise 【Size】 We currently have only one size. ✔ 12 (JP) - Turquoise Length : **1.1 cm** Width : **0.7 cm** - Ring Diameter: 16.7 mm ※ Before purchasing this item, please confirm the ring size to us where we will give you the precise measure considering the actual size we originally use are the other scale. There might be a slight different between these scales. Dimensions are measured by hand. Please forgive if there is any error. 【Notes on shopping】 Since the stones used are natural, we will deliver inclusions, etc. in their natural state and also the stone may change it real impression/color slightly due to the reflection of light. 【Shipping & Custom】 'mimpijewels' delivers by Indonesia Post Standard ship. It would be delivered from the Bali, Indonesia after 1 to 3 days of business day. It will take between 3 to 5 weeks globally (US, UK, Nothern Europe, Japan, HK, West Asia, and many others).* Express shipping is available.** *Please note that the delay of the delivery is not a seller's responsibility because it differs depending on each countries. **Express shipping, 5 to 10 business days. If you wish to upgrade, please let us know. Keep in mind that it will charge you more. For the express delivery, we need customer's phone number. You can get message before the delivery is made so that you can receive it safely. If not, the item might come back to the seller due to the delivery not made. I'm informing you that the seller is not responsible of this happening. Because there's no receiver, the item(s) you have purchased came back to Bali. I will refund you all the money except the delivery fee. For customs and import taxes, Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. We are not responsible for delays due to customs. Please feel free to ask any questions. Thank you.


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