Plaid cat 2.0 orange coffee color / day and double-sided hair band / Kasuga Romance series

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Ming Exclusive Design / Japanese Double-Sided Headband / Kasuga Romance Series / Copyright Products / Counterfeiting


Plaid cat 2.0 orange coffee color / day and double-sided hair band / Kasuga Romance series


**|Commodity Story|** Every era will experience retro trends No matter how retro Every moment is the beginning of classics Romantic and romantic life **|Dimensions|** Our products are all sewn in the car, so there is a reasonable error within 1~3cm. Default note size if not noted (Circumference length: about 54 ~ 56 / open the maximum size: 66 cm) Before buying, be sure to measure your head circumference first to determine if the headband is comfortable. Our hair is divided into M and L sizes, and must be confirmed again before placing an order!!! If the size is not the same after receipt, you must pay the return shipping fee to replace it!!! **| Try it out |** There is no gap when you put it on, it won't be too loose or too tight. Level with the ground and wrap the head around (not too inclined). **|About customization|** If our hair band M and L are not suitable for your size, Welcome to chat or Facebook special private news, we can be customized. Recommended for the following head circumference of 54 cm Head circumference 55~56 cm→Moderate, wear for a long time without headache For the head circumference of 57 cm or more, you can choose the L hair band or talk to us. Let us give you the best advice for you. Man's head circumference is about 60 cm **|Material|** Japanese thin cotton cloth, Japanese made loose band. **|Clean method|** Washable, it is recommended to wash by hand. **|Design Method and Communication|** Every piece of work is designed to be hand-stitched and stitched. The works are unique and the odds will be slightly different. Hope you like it If you have any questions, please ask me if I will be happy to answer your questions. The color of the product image file will be slightly different depending on the setting of the computer screen. The actual product color is subject to the standard. I have tried to adjust it. **| Warm reminder|** ※Because each item is handmade, it will inevitably have a slight difference in the production of the cents, and the acceptor can make another order! ※ Each piece of cloth will change the position of the print due to the cut, and will also show a little different visual sense, and the acceptor can make another order! ※Each item is hand-made. If it is due to personal factors and not the goods, you can't return it. If you accept it, please order it. I apologize to you, please forgive me. **Made in Taiwan handmade**


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