Lace braided ice crystal sunflower (sunflower) earrings handmade jewelry jewelry

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Hand stitch knitting embroidery jewelry The flower of the sunflower is born by the blessings of this flower, with a sun


Lace braided ice crystal sunflower (sunflower) earrings handmade jewelry jewelry


Handmade Lace / Wedding Jewelry Sunflowers earrings Studio designers began to make handmade lace braided ornaments in 2012, which will spend time designing accessories on embroidery, beads and weaving, so that the deep skill still lies on the design of the devoted accessories. There can be precious jewelry bright shiny noble, wear light, such as hair, the price is relatively light and many. Need to concentrate on the production of embroidery knit, or else it is easy to pierce their fingers, hand as thin as the hair line and a few needle-size lace hook needles, and often need hot hands, Posted ok jump and paste cloth ^^ "Because it is easy to aches cramps and sports injuries recurrence (formerly caused by playing basketball) Such as the size of the needle needle and hair as thin silk, but also increase the production of the degree of difficulty Hand-stitch embroidery live vivid jewelry The flower of the sunflower is born by the blessings of this flower, with a sun as bright, happy heart. Sunflower stamens use different shades of dark gray color to show, with glass rhinestone embroidered on the edges of the flowers, like a crystal clear water droplets. In wear, can be used in formal occasions or casual style are very good. Whether long hair are very suitable for short hair! Handmade time takes about 10 days working days, please wait a little patience ~ Thank you! ♥ size: about 2.6cm x 2.6cm maximum length and width ♥ material: 1% sterling silver imported advanced silk embroidery thread, rhinestones, 925 sterling silver ear pins or silver plated ear clip ♥ package: beautiful packaging design Packaging and fonts are hand-made studio and written by hand, Can also be home accessories design ~ The cover as a stand to use, you can stand firmly, the bottom can also be affixed double-sided foam more secure. Wall decorations ~ Each piece of work is like the beautiful flora and fauna collected by the designer. The names of the good things are also included. Carefully collect these hard earned treasures. Make the jewelry look like plant specimens and animal specimens collections, approachable and close to nature to learn and live. May you savor this work one by one, one by one painting intentions design. ♥ Maintenance: Basically diamond is very strong and not easy to fall or peel, but do not stress and concave fold. Bath and sleep to win, do not use chemicals. Do not touch the water, touch the water, please wipe dry as soon as possible. ♥ murmur: Shooting goods are all light, in order to clearly show the micro-size color lines and appearance lines, natural stone every size is different, personally arranged and selected by the designer. Hand-painted color lines and hand-made traces are A little different from the goods according to the hand-woven around the two flowers will not necessarily follow the same Oh! Create a unique feature, thank you!


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