Horseshoe screw x white agate│925 sterling silver natural stone crystal bracelet

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The horseshoe snails have thread lines like coffee milk color, the light brown depth and apricot transparency, reconcile soft temperament and natural femininity. Paired with white agate's stable and comfortable healing stones, it helps eliminate negati


Horseshoe screw x white agate│925 sterling silver natural stone crystal bracelet


【Horseshoe snail】 It has thread like coffee milk color, The depth of light brown and the transparency of apricot, Reconcile soft temperament and natural femininity. [White agate] The texture of white agate is beautiful, fine and uniform, and the surface is shiny and moist. One of the healing stones that bring stability and comfort, with energy for recovery and restoration And help eliminate negative energy such as stress, fatigue. One of the very good guardian stones that can bring people a positive effect! White agate ◎ Brings stable and comfortable healing stones ◎ Has the effect of calming and calming ◎ Can alleviate fatigue and relieve stress, make sleep sound ◎ Make your mood flexible and cheerful, exquisite, and help your career grow / Material / ※ Natural stone: horseshoe snail, white agate ※ Wire: Japan imported silk thread ※ Metal accessories: 925 sterling silver / Natural stone size / ※ Horseshoe: about 8 mm ※ White agate: about 4 mm / How to choose a hand circumference / / Packaging / We use a one-piece leather corrugated box, not only to ensure that it will not be damaged during transportation, but also hope that you receive the jewelry, as if you have a gift-like mood, full of surprises and joy. I hope that with your heart, you can experience it with us. / Maintenance method / ※ Try to avoid direct contact with chemicals such as perfume and water. ※ When not equipped with straps, reduce contact with air and store in a sealed, cool place. ※ The sterling silver parts must be oxidized in contact with sweat and air. You can restore the original color only by wiping with a silver cloth. ※ Brass electroplated parts will oxidize and fade due to wearing habits, chemical substances, sweat, and air contact. Please try to maintain good storage habits to extend the life of jewelry. / Precautions/ ※ The color of each natural stone is slightly different, such as the texture of ice, cracks, and minerals. Please be sure to accept it before purchasing. After the actual product is created, it cannot be exactly 100% the same as the product photo. ※ Because each person's computer, mobile phone, and mobile device screen display are different, some color differences are unavoidable, but the photos will show the original original appearance as much as possible. If you cannot accept it, please order carefully. ※ The products are handmade, and the delivery time is 3 working days after the order is confirmed. If there are materials out of stock, it will be sent within 7-14 working days. Arrive in about 1-3 working days after shipment. note! The delivery address must not be a post office box. ※ The product will be slightly adjusted according to the size and length. Good decoration reserves the right to adjust the arrangement and proportion of the product. ※ Please carefully measure the size of the wrist. If the size is not the same due to the wrong measurement, you must make it again.


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