Childlike small animal super - elastic - large intestine donut fat bowel hair bundle hair circle hair ornaments

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Childlike small animal super - elastic - large intestine donut fat bowel hair bundle hair circle hair ornaments


【Product Design Features】 Hot summer, the girls tied up the tail, from the Baotou For the beautiful extra points of the props - donuts 🍩 large intestine hair bundle ※ Rabbit large intestine hair bundle is made of**4mm ultra-thick super-elastic rope**~ Flower rabbit with long waist hair, the general elastic rope to do the hair bundle can not hold the weight of the long tail Stretch is also insufficient, with a few times on the elastic fatigue So the rabbit for the hair bundle stretch is very important! The The Flower rabbit also bought a lot of advertised elastic ligament good hair bundle, to flower rabbit hair and hair volume or support soon> _ < Looking for a long time to find this ultra-thick super-elastic rope Finally have a turtle flower rabbit can be satisfied with the big intestine! ※ so the rabbit to share the mood to launch this hair circle, Paul is expected to really good ~ inexpensive ~ ^ ω ^ ※ flower rabbit large intestine hair bundle**can be directly from the horse tail, do not need to use another rubber band** ※ flower rabbit own hair is not the kind of burst, but it is not less, our bowel hair bundle can generally be tied 2 to 3 laps, even super long hair tied high tail tight pull tight tie can also be tied tight Tight! ※ tied head, you can directly take the large intestine tied, and then the tail into a group, hair tail into the hair bundle can be You can also set a good head of steamed buns, directly into the hair circle made long hair to do decoration Put down the tail can also be tied in the hand when the ornaments **※ handmade, each drawing can be different, will choose the best pattern!** **※ have any questions or special care about the details, please ask before the order in advance, do the next action!** **So as to avoid the order, the regret of a single, resulting in both sides do not have to misunderstand or trouble ~** 【size】 Flat: hair circumference diameter of about 12 ~ 13cm (error within 1cm) 【Material and Wash】 Cotton linen / ancient cloth / cotton cloth, Korean super elastic rope Please gently hand wash, with a large towel to squeeze dry water can be dried [Flower rabbit hand ˙ love the original intention and small exhort] Manual needle stitching, may be some imperfections. Everyone's screen setting is different, so the product with the screen shows that there may be a slight difference in color depth. Pure handmade, for color and work and other requirements perfectionist, please think twice before buying! The The Hand works and love pass is the flower rabbit hand began to sell hand works of the original intention, the sale of income are used in feeding and rescue waves. Non-24 hours online, something please contact the message, patiently waiting, flower rabbit will be the first time to reply and deal with! Is willing to let the strength of small beans so that the world becomes better ~ Origin / manufacturing method Taiwan → flower rabbit hand


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