Tencel cap pet warm jacket - blue

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Good Beckham 3% of each operating income will be donated to the Taiwan animal emergency rescue team ◆ Taiwan hand-stitch



Tencel cap pet warm jacket - blue


Good Beckham will contribute 3% of each operating income to Taiwan Animal Emergency Response Team

◆ Explain Word (embroidery pattern description)
When can we have another tranquility --- Pooh? Good wolf
Whiskers bring Agua hiking.
The land is dry. Garbage smoke. Two dogs At a loss

◆ good size (size + price) ◆
Beckhams clothes price, will be slightly different size.
The larger the size of the clothes because of more materials, material costs are higher, so the price will be slightly higher than the size of small clothes, please confirm carefully before placing an order.

◆ try on the report ◆

◆ good password (material + Tencel tag)
Table cloth: 30% polyester fiber 70% cotton
Lining: 40% Tencel (with TENCEL® original tag) 60% cotton
Thread cloth: cotton
Ribbon: cotton
Copper buckle: copper
Zipper: YKK zipper
Washing standard: green ink (SGS certification)

◆ Details ◆
Back & abdomen

Washing standard

Adjust buckle
According to the fat and thin hair to adjust the degree of tightness. Because we use high-quality brass buckle, so the degree of engagement is more closely. When you dial the button, please press both thumbs on the buckle to exert force, try not to pull the fabric, to avoid the fabric and the copper buckle joint damage.

Rib fabric edge
We use high-quality rib cloth, with soft extensibility, so that the cuffs have more flexibility, but also to make the clothes have a better body effect.

◆ intimate small caution ◆
Beibei warm clothing use precautions
1. Please use laundry when washing clothes, protect the day silk cloth and beautiful embroidery map, make the product more longevity Oh!
2. It is recommended to dry naturally or low temperature (30 ~ 40 degrees), to avoid shrinking cotton products Oh!
3. Tencel printing and dyeing on the higher process requirements, the cloth in the printing and dyeing washing labels, with frequent washing and fade slightly.
4. Beibei clothes as far as possible in accordance with the general shape of the dog proofing, but if there are some hairier stature longer, more fat, prone to wrinkles or ribbed upside down, please forgive me, thank you.

◆ good color ◆
Beibei good products, are based on gray-based color-based.
Although the bright pink color lovable, there are many restrictions on the use of the conditions in order to maintain the beautiful appearance of the object.
In the process of developing products, we are often touched by some small pictures. For example, the Street Snacks shop dog, adopted from Stray Animal House, conscientiously visits the storefront and lays around the house all year round, faithfully guarding the family's working dogs and more.
In them, we see a simple and lovely, we are particularly cherished, want others to see where.
Therefore, we will be all products, set in this simple color; hope that these products, accompanied by Mao children, forget to roll over, enjoy life.
These traces of life, like old photos, old buildings, quietly distributed, years of Guanghua.
This is the color of good Beckham.

◆ Brand Declaration (good persistence summary)
Beibei good product of all processes, adhere to the use of MIT.
Headwind, a group of people, choose to stay root home.
We sincerely admire their optimistic and dedicated staff spirit and continuous improvement of technology.
Therefore, good Xiaobei abandon a large number of manufacturing methods to reduce costs, choose to insist on all manufacturing processes, delivery of these Taiwanese.
They squinted the old eyes, stitch, the temperature of the home, stitched into every piece of clothing.
The clothes in your hands, with us, work together to polish MIT signs.

◆ Good knowledge ◆
Why dogs need to wear warm clothing ◇
Four seasons change, is that we are familiar with the changes from the beginning of birth. Therefore, each individual's body has the function of regulating and immunizing the environment. However, young, silver-haired and sick friends, the body's regulatory function often can not keep up with changes in the external environment, so you need more care.
Similarly, the hair child is also true. Although they have a layer of fur protection, for young, old or ill hair children, physical function may not be perfect, may gradually decline, and may be struggling with other diseases. Therefore, a slight change in the external environment, They are all a heavy burden. So the hair kids also need clothes to help them through the cold winter, but also isolated from the environment easily lead to allergic dust.

When buying clothes for the hair kids, they can help them avoid ways to hide the risks:
[Try to choose natural material]
The baby's clothes are like our intimate apparel and will have direct contact with the skin for a long time. If you choose airtight man-made fiber fabric, it is easy to cause irritable skin, itching, swelling, allergies and other issues. So try to choose high permeability of natural fiber fabric ideal.
Try to avoid rough fibers
Although hemp, wool and other clothing are natural fibers, the cloth is relatively rough, it is easy to stimulate the skin of the children, the itching is more serious. And coarse rough surface friction, fur hair is very easy to knot.
【Try to avoid easily lead to allergic materials】
Ink dyes and solvents in the process, although most will be volatile in the air, but for those who like to bitch fur children, how much will have the risk of absorption. We choose eco-friendly materials and processes more eco-friendly, not only to take care of the health of hairy children, but also to contribute to the protection of the Earth.

◇ fabric password ◇
【From a seed to a dress: What is Tenshi】
Tencel, TENCEL®, is the brand name of the most recognized lyocell fiber in the world. It is 100% pure natural material of renewable fibers, from the United Kingdom acordis company extracted from eucalyptus 100% natural wood pulp as raw materials developed by the general Chinese translation for Tencel.
The production of Tencel pulp of eucalyptus, are from the forest standard committee approved by the management of artificial cultivation of the forest, its inherent flavor can repel insects, so planting environment without the use of pesticides, is a very environmentally friendly raw materials, it is called " 21st Century Dream Fiber. "

【Perfect Return to the Dust: Environment Friendly Friendly Process】
Tencel through the OKO-TEX100 STANDARD Europe's strict standards, using solvent spinning technology system. It is used in the production process of amine oxide solvent, completely harmless to the human body, almost completely recyclable, but also can be reused, and no by-products, the production process on the environmental impact of low, is non-toxic, harmless, pollution-free environmental protection process .
Tencel fiber does not contain any toxic substances, can be completely biodegraded in the soil, pollution-free environment, ecologically sound, friendly to the Earth's natural green products. A good solution to the problem of waste disposal caused by disposable non-woven products.

Dream fiber in the new century: the advantages of both natural fiber and man-made fiber
__Dry and breathable__
Tencel has good water absorption and breathability, contact with the skin feel fresh and comfortable, long time wearing will not be hot. And light texture, easy to clean and easy to dry.
__2. Skinny and soft__
Tencel fiber cross-section is circular or oval, so with silk-like drape and gloss. When it comes in contact with the skin, the touch is delicate and soft.
__Not easy to shrink__
Tencel shrinkage of only 2%, after washing is not easy to shrink, with good dimensional stability of the washing.
__4. Good elasticity__
Tencel has good toughness, and flexible, comfortable to wear tight, contribute to the child's physical circulation and health.
__Easy to take care of__
Tencel production of clothing, supple clothing, after repeated washing, still able to maintain a smooth and soft feel, not easy to change.
__6. perfect complement each other with cotton__
Tencel yarn and cotton blend is an excellent match, it is very similar to the fiber characteristics of cotton, but after the two blend, it can enhance the soft feel of cotton yarn, but also improve the cotton yarn will produce stiff after multiple cleaning problems .

【Tencel fiber DNA: how to identify the real Tencel】
The easiest way to identify Tencel is to verify Tencel's authorization tag. Currently on the market, Tencel materials are from the Austrian Lenzing company's patented raw materials. Tencel ratio of clothing products must be 35% or more, will be issued tag. For the sake of caution, Lenzing Co., Ltd. will not send the authorization tag to the cloth factory but directly to the brand, so the Tencel tag with the Lenzing license is the more reliable Tencel fabric.
Origin / manufacturing methods
Made in Taiwan, good Beckham products of all processes, adhere to the use of MIT


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