Baroness rabbit mouth gold package stent big mouth cosmetic bag stationery kits

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Baroness rabbit mouth gold package stent big mouth cosmetic bag stationery kits


Table cloth stamping section glitter yarn ancient cloth, with a little bit of cotton inside lining Retro feel full of bright pink fabric dyeing and Baroness rabbit & lady pattern, yet wonderful harmony conflict Generous and easy to use high-capacity version, hidden in the heart of a pleasant spring atmosphere Grand opening and large capacity, you can put a lot of makeup or put a small capacity and nurturing products abroad Can also be used as a large capacity stationery kits or hand-made kit Can hold more power'USB action line 'with the headset ...... 妳愛 pretend to pretend ~~~ Weekdays out with belongings super useful, the rabbit has been spent with the love of money **※ Flower rabbits do not like the same things repeated and unique hand works sold ceases to remake !!!** **※ ancient festival yarn during weaving cloth sometimes leaving knuckles, please refer to the fifth photos, flowers rabbits do not think it is defective, it will not deliberately avoid it, not like a friend, please pay special attention ~** **※ have any questions or special care of the details, please ask in advance before the next one is clear, then a single-action!** **In order to avoid an order, abandoned single regret, causing both unnecessary misunderstanding or trouble ~** * Size * bottom bottom width x length x Gaoping measuring approximately 23x10x10cm, about 15x12cm large openings * * Section Materials & wash the entire ancient yarn cloth, cotton cloth, cotton shop, lining cloth, hardware, leather, steel zipper Usually the bag was at the local dirt cleaning method, do not soak 'Do not scrub can mattress ironing! * Flower rabbit の hand as small caution * Hand sewing a stitch may be some imperfections Everyone screen settings are different, so the actual product and your screen display may be slightly different shades of color Handmade, for other colors and workmanship requirements perfectionist, please think twice before buying Passed hand work and love is to spend rabbit の hand as the hand started selling works of the mind, the power of a small pea willing to make the world become a better place - Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan → Rabbits の flower handmade flower * attic studio → Rabbits hands


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