Noon water wormwood peace soap I limited pre-order I low-sensitive skin-friendly formula I buy ten free two free shipping

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The wormwood/grass is a common herb in the folk, and it has the image of purifying the soul, removing the filth, and exo



Noon water wormwood peace soap I limited pre-order I low-sensitive skin-friendly formula I buy ten free two free shipping


Hello everyone ^^ The Dragon Boat Festival is coming soon. Recently, many moms are asking about the details of the level of soap at noon. Here, I am lucky to let everyone register for pre-order! A large number of raw materials can be bought and we can talk to manufacturers about more favorable prices, so the mother-in-law will give back to everyone with an average price of less than 150 yuan per piece ^^ Super cost-effective! ! Missed to wait for next year!

★ wormwood / sedge is a common herb in the folk, there is the image of purifying the soul, removing filth, exorcism and avoiding evil. It is even more necessary to have children at home! ! My own experience is that if my daughter (one year old and nine months old) is crying for no reason, or if she goes home too late at night, she will use her wormwood soap to help her bathe her body. This is very effective! After washing, as long as you lick it, you will be safe and sleepy. It’s really amazing~~~

★Noon water is taken from the water on the day of the Dragon Boat Festival, between 11 am and 1 pm. The Dragon Boat Festival is the heaviest day of yang in the year. The ancient book has the record that "take the water at noon on the day of the bath, and the evil will not invade in one year" can be used as a reference. The most important thing is to wash the peace and wash the incense ^^

{Main material introduction}
In the afternoon water, add herbicide juice, hibiscus and other plants.
Calendula soaked in virgin olive oil
West African imported shea butter
Delicate sweet almond oil
Unrefined cold pressed avocado oil
Low temperature grinding wormwood powder
Atlantic cedar, real lavender and other essential oils (smooth notes)

{feature of product}
★ Made with calendula soaked olive oil + low temperature wormwood powder to calm and soothe sensitive skin.
★ Neutral formula for skin moisturizing, gentle washing, fine bubbles, suitable for the whole family.
★ Add medicinal oils such as wormwood, cedar, and lavender, and the calming smell makes people relax.
★Packed in a moisture-proof sealed bag, it will not be moldy or deteriorated even if placed in the bathroom.
★The product with similar formula has SGS inspection report, no heavy metal, pesticide residue, please use it with peace of mind.

{pre-purchase price}
★ Option A: Buy 5 get one free (6 total) Special price $900, original price $1080.
★ Option B: Buy 10 get two (12 in total) special price $1500, original price $ 2160, free shipping!
★Option C: Purchase $180 for a single purchase

Pre-order to 6/15 deadline → 6/18 on the day of the Dragon Boat Festival, pick up the hibiscus in the afternoon, boil the hibiscus hibiscus → the herb juice is made into ice cubes → 6/20 starts to make soap → wait for 45 days to mature → mature in early August packaging → orderly shipment .
[Please write to the letter to inform you of the quantity you need, and you will not need to pre-pay it first. At that time, you will open another exclusive store when you mature your shipment. 】

{Shipping method}
★Home delivery / mailing $80, free shipping over 1500.
★ Super-commercial payment of $60, free shipping over 1500.


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