Become cat together x customized cat painting

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"~ I want to be a cat." This is the idea that I see Ou Fei every time I get home from work. If it can become a cat, then it would be fine, so I picked up the paper and pen and turned it into a cat with friends and those who like my style! If you



Become cat together x customized cat painting


Please order the following precautions when ordering online. It is recommended to discuss with me before placing an order! ⚠️ ★ Drawing price: Please click on the specification selection! The originals completed at the following prices contain "person itself, simple background (ex small flower grass), your name" ・Color line draft: $150 ・One person: $300 ・Two people: $600 ・Three people (horizontal type): $900 ・Additional purchase price items: photo frames, hairy children, designated backgrounds, etc., will be charged a fee of $50~$150. If you have any needs, please discuss with us before placing an order! Please add the purchase chain link below. ★ Product specifications: ・14.8 x 10 cm Postcard size ・242g Japanese watercolor paper, stamped on the back & small zip code ★ How to use: ・It can be used as a decoration in the home (oh~ it seems to be super good in any corner of the house!) ・It can be attached to the wall (the most suitable for the room wall, you like to put all kinds of postcards and decorations!) ・Can be a birthday present (tired ordinary birthday gift? This unique degree is as high as ★★★★!!) ★ Customized requirements: 1 Please pass me 2-3 clear frontal half-length photos, do not receive photos that are too blurry or too small! 2 Tell me what your name is, Chinese, nickname and English name are all available! 3 The photo frame uses a textured wooden frame. 4 Do you want to add children and specify background needs? 5 Start drawing! You can complete your portrait on about 7-15 working days (excluding holidays)! ★ Pay attention to these little things: ・My style is simple and cute. If you want to be realistic, please look for other illustrators! ・The cat body size is half-length. ・Please make sure to like this cute style and then make a reservation. ・The illustrator's signature will appear below the painting. ・After 7 days from the delivery of the work, the illustrator will post the work on the social networking sites such as FB and IG. If you need to keep it confidential, please let us know when you place your order. ・The copyright of the work belongs to Zhuo Maoting Studio and cannot be reprinted, resold or used for other commercial purposes. ・After placing your order, you will be deemed to have agreed to the above. These small considerations are small, but they can reduce your communication disputes! Please be sure to communicate before placing an order to ensure that the work can be handed over to your hands~ Thank you for your patience to read this paragraph! We are like cats! Frame this: Add pets to this: In addition to the upgraded version of the cat-like cat-like wedding invitation illustration, you can go here to see the detailed introduction! |嗨, we are Zhuo Maoting Studio| Zhuo Maoting is a good place for cats created by old cats, big cats and black cats (our favorite baby). The old cat is responsible for the illustration, the big cat is responsible for photography and creative thinking, the European fat is responsible for eating and sleeping (interfering with the homework), we like cute and interesting things, prefer all cats and dogs! I hope that there will be fewer waves on the street, and everyone can have their own loved children.


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